Flights France – Algeria for Eid al-Fitr: prices are rising

France-Algeria flight for Eid al-Fitr: prices rising

A person holding a passport and boarding pass at the airport / by Aleksej / AdobeStock for VVA – Visas and Travel

On the occasion of Eid, many Algerians France Packed my bags to return to Algeria. While some have been able to take advantage of more or less reasonable prices by booking, others are facing a real uptick.

Prices for air tickets from France to Algeria increased at the beginning of last March, coinciding with the arrival of Ramadan. During this Eid period, the prices have increased even more.

France-Algeria flights: how much does it cost for Eid?

at the house of air algeriaThe Paris-Algiers flight, one-way, is offered for €394 this April 9 and for €349 on April 10 and 11, the two days of Eid. Regarding the Marseille-Algiers ticket, still aside, it is offered by the national company from €278 for April 9 and from €361 for April 10 and 11.

From Air France, Paris-Algiers one-way flights are priced at €553 for April 9, €316 for April 10 and €306 for April 11. Marseille-Algiers tickets cost €513 for April 9, €243 for April 11 and €170 for April 11.

Speaking of low cost, Transavia offers Paris-Algiers one-way flights from €183 for April 10 and 11. Its Montpellier-Oran flight on April 10 costs €164.

Finally, one-way prices for Marseille-Algiers tickets from Vueling will start at €317 on 9 April, at €202 on 10 April and at €208 on 11 April.

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