Food crisis declared on company flights

EasyJet: food crisis announced on the company's flights

EasyJet / By Franz Massard – VVA – for Visas & Travel

passengers of airline company Low cost EasyJet will have to go without food on its flights for the next few weeks due to a series of strikes by catering staff.

Despite this walkout, easyJet intends to maintain all of its flights. This means that the company’s aircraft will continue to operate flights, but without in-flight meals.

Passengers will be satisfied with the refreshments

Unite Union, quoted by newspaper Wire said a series of walkouts by catering staff at airport service provider dnata would begin on Friday, April 26.

The strike comes amid a dispute over the removal of shift pay, which the union says is costing staff between £1,500 and £2,000 per person.

, Strike action will intensify if conflict is not resolved “, the union warned, stressing that easyJet’s revenues would be affected by non-sale of food during the strike days.

Around a hundred workers, including drivers and warehouse workers, will strike from Friday 26 April to Monday 29 April, Friday 3 May to Monday 6 May and Friday 10 May to Monday 13 May, the same source adds.

EasyJet plans to introduce an emergency plan on its flights in the days leading up to the strike

It should be noted that Dynata provided catering services for several airlines based at London Gatwick Airport in the UK, including Tui and easyJet,

The latter indicates through a spokesperson that he ” is aware of the announcement made by the Union regarding the planned strike of its members working at Dynata, and wishes to reassure its customers ,

EasyJet emphasizes that it plans to launch an emergency plan to ensure minimum service by providing refreshments such as water on strike days.

The British company also operates long-haul flights, he said. For example, on a five-and-a-half-hour flight from Manchester to Hurghada, Egypt, passengers would find it difficult to survive on water alone.

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