“For this reason some passengers lose their seats on the plane”

Air Algerie:

Why some travelers lose their seats on planes / Image author: Onefotografia / Adobe Stock for VVA – Visas and Travels

While some flight delays are caused by the airport or airline, other delays are caused by the passengers.

This has been stated by an internet user in a video shared by some passengers on his TikTok account. air algeria Arriving late at the departure airport may cause some inconvenience to their airline and other passengers, in addition to spoiling their journey.

Air Algerie: it condemns the delays suffered by some passengers

“Many national airline passengers arrive at the airport late and find that their seats have been given to other passengers”points to internet user his video, He points out that passengers have only themselves to blame if they miss their flights, as the company’s rules on the subject are clear.

Indeed, he remembers that Air Algerie informed its customers traveling on its international lines that they had to be present at the airport 4 hours before departure. “So they can check in, go through controls, fill out forms and go to the departure lounge.”,

Internet users claim that if passengers do not adhere to these deadlines they lose their seats because “One and a half hours before departure, the check-in system closes and the remaining places are allocated to passengers on the waiting list.”

Finally, Internet users go on to explain that latecomers only harm themselves by not arriving on time. “Sometimes this class of passengers causes plane delays”,

In its latest press release on the subject, Air Algérie indicated that “Cancellation of reservations for missing passengers (…) will be done half an hour before departure closing doors and removal of the gangway 20 minutes before takeoff time.”

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