France – Algeria flights: announcements in Tamazight with this airline

France - Algeria flights: announcements in Tamazight with this airline

An ASL Airlines plane / By Gordzum – VVA – for Visas & Travel

Whether for safety instructions, flight information or anything else, aircraft staff always communicate with passengers.

However, the language used depends on several factors, such as the airline’s policy, the destination of the aircraft, or the language skills of the manager or flight attendant.

While the languages ​​used by airlines on flights between Algeria and France were until then Arabic and French, ASL Airlines Integrates Tamazight, which can be seen in videos shared on social networks.

ASL Airlines: “ Kabyle on the plane ,

This video is captioned ” Kabyle on the plane “, we hear a voice echoing in Berber on board a plane of the French low-cost airline. ASL Airlines issued a welcome message and some instructions for passengers.

, Lean back in your seat, remove the tables, open the curtains, we guarantee you comfort and safety and a pleasant smoke-free journey, we wish you an excellent flight ”, we hear people saying in Tamazight.

In the comments, many Internet users welcomed the move by the French airline: “ really nice to hear that », writes a first commentator. , Is this new? How long have they been doing this? », asks the other. , It’s good, you just have to find someone who speaks Kabyle better », although the last one criticizes the Internet user.

Furthermore, it should be remembered air algeria It was recently revealed that it intends to abandon the French language while moving towards the Arabization of its communications and official correspondence while introducing training in English for its employees, which has caused great disappointment to most of the company’s customers, who French-speaking countries are established, especially in France.

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