France – Algeria flights: ASL Airlines lowers its prices but you have to book quickly

As soon as summer arrives, everyone’s eyes turn to this ticket prices Planes to Algerian airports. From France, low-cost ASL Airlines offers attractive, but very limited discounts on their plane tickets to Algeria.

The airlines serving Algeria, led by Air Algerie, are currently offering no valid commercial signals to their customers for next summer. However, now is the time to show a minimum of common sense.

France-Algeria flights: finally a promotion, although very limited

To better plan their holiday trips to Algeria, Algerians living abroad plan their trips several weeks before the summer, and this always starts with booking plane tickets.

Therefore the current period is the most favorable to offer discounts and promotions to the main customers of air transport to Algeria. On the contrary, we see that all companies are taking advantage of this opportunity to raise prices for the summer.

When departing from France to Algeria, there are almost no Publicity Among airlines, a 15% cut was also announced this Monday, April 15, by low-cost ASL Airlines.

15% off with ASL Airlines, but you have to book quickly

In a press release published about them facebook page The French company is actually offering a 15% discount, but to take advantage of it, you’ll have to book very early, as the offer is limited in time. The travel dates are also very limited, practically covering only the beginning of the summer season.

, Take 15% off with code ‘FLYASL15’ », ASL Airlines indicated in its press release. The duration of travel with tickets booked with this code is “between” 16 May and 9 June », further specifies ASL Airlines.

In addition, the passenger must ” book early “, Because ” There won’t be room for everyone! “. Additionally, for travelers to enjoy a 15% discount on ASL Airlines tickets, the code is ” Valid from 15th to 30th April (except service charge) ,

In other words, passengers wishing to benefit from this offer must reserve their tickets before the end of the current month and within the limit of available spaces.

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