Geithoorn, a heavenly village bathed in peace, inaccessible by car!

Imagine a place where there is no room for cars, where canals replace roads and where nature is omnipresent.

You’re probably thinking of Venice, but there’s another village that’s just as charming and less crowded: geithoorn, Located in the province of Overijssel, Netherlands, This picturesque village It is often nicknamed the “Venice of the North” or the “Venice of the Netherlands”.

Giethoorn’s unique charm

What makes Giethoorn so special is its complete absence of cars. Actually, this village can be reached only by water or on foot. Residents mainly travel by boats or bicycles. This peaceful way of life has allowed Giethoorn to preserve its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere.

  • Breathtaking Landscapes: With its canals lined with thatched cottages and flower gardens, Giethoorn offers a pleasant ambiance for a walk or boat trip.
  • History and Heritage: Founded in the 13th century, Giethoorn has a rich past that can be explored through its museums and historical monuments.
  • Miscellaneous Activities: In addition to boat trips, Giethoorn also offers many other activities, such as hiking, cycling and fishing.

How to get to Giethoorn and where to stay

To reach Giethoorn from France, it is possible to take a flight to Amsterdam, then rent a car or take public transportation to your destination. You can also opt for train or bus ride.

When it comes to accommodation, Giethoorn offers a wide variety of options, from traditional hotels to B&Bs and vacation rentals. To enjoy your stay to the fullest, do not hesitate to choose an establishment located by the water.

Must-see things to do in Geithoorn

During your stay in Giethoorn, here are some activities and sites not to be missed:

  • boat trip: Rent an electric boat or “punter”, a traditional flat-bottomed boat, and explore the village canals.
  • Vriben-Wieden National Park: Located near Giethoorn, this nature park is the ideal place for hiking or cycling while admiring the local flora and fauna.
  • Protestant Church: Built in the 19th century, this church is a fine example of neo-Gothic architecture.
  • Farm Museum: Discover the history and traditions of Giethoorn in this museum located in a former farm.

Best time to visit Giethoorn

Giethoorn can be visited all year round, but certain periods are particularly pleasant:

  • spring: From March to May, the gardens are in bloom and present a colorful sight. Temperatures are generally mild and there are fewer tourists than in summer.
  • Heat : From June to August, Giethoorn attracts more visitors, but the long sunny days allow you to enjoy outdoor activities to the fullest.
  • Winter season : From September to November, the leaves of the trees are adorned with shimmering colors and the number of tourists reduces, making the village even more peaceful.

To conclude, Giethoorn is a true paradise of peace where you can appreciate the beauty of the landscapes and the allure of a car-free lifestyle. Whether you are a history buff, nature lover or just looking for a relaxing vacation, this heavenly village will charm you.

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