GT20, a cycling route to discover Corsica at your own pace before the high season

Launched in 2019 by the Corsica Tourism Agency, this route offers to cross the island by a route of 600 km, including an altitude gain of 10,000 m. Everything has to be done in 12 excellent stages, on internal roads.

Pedestrians have GR20, cyclists now have GT20 to find Corsica from a new angle While sweating. This new tourist route has been launched by the tourism agency since 2019 corsica (ATC) proposes a route of approximately 600 kilometers from north to south of the island via internal roads passing through villages. If the program is intended to be contemplative, it still requires an altitude of 10,000 meters and the highest point about 1,500 meters above sea level.

Accessible to all, the GT 20 can also be done with an electrically assisted bicycle, spanning twelve stages averaging 50 kilometers per stage. either to take advantage of an acceptable speed mountain island view ,We sell this format as slow tourism, gave the assurance of Olivier Leonetti, in charge of GT20 for ATC. Although the length should not be neglected, the route is suitable for all types of cyclists. However, an experienced cyclist can double the stages and complete the whole thing in six days. With an electric bike, you can get the job done in eight or ten steps. There is also a possibility of making changes by stopping at the end of the northern part or vice versa.

A more sporty variant, organized by the CESR20 bicycle club, has also had definite success for three years running: “The tourist route also benefits from the illumination of the sporting event held in parallel, Says Jean-Marc Angelotti, organizer of the cyclosportive event. This is not available to everyone and must be completed in five days. More than 220 participants are expected this year from France, Switzerland or Italy for this demanding course.

from bastia to bonifacio

The all-public route starts in Bastia, before traveling inland through Corsica to Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio.
Angela Chavazas

A more leisurely, all-public route starts in Bastia, passing through the Gulf of Porto, the Veghju Pass, Corte and hundreds of villages on the way, before traveling through the interior of Corsica, then descending to porto-vecchio And Bonifacio,

The first stage gives the opportunity to cross the Teghjim pass and discover the wine-growing village of Patrimonio before descending to Saint Florent and its spectacular bay. Crossing the Agriates desert, then passing through Île Rousse, Calvi and surrounding villages, Balagne offers its most beautiful panorama. The third stage reaches Galleria, a village at the mouth of the Fango valley that marks the border between Balagane and the Gulf of Porto.

The next day, after crossing the Palmera pass, the extraordinary panorama of Girolata and Scandola reveals its charm. The arrival in Porto and its world famous bay took the stage up a notch. From there, the visitor heads towards the interior of the island to the Vargju Pass, the highest road pass in Corsica and the highest point of the GT20 at 1,478 meters above sea level. This is followed by a descent through the Scala di Santa Regina Parade towards the Courtenays University City. From Corte, it is possible to plunge into the Restonica valley, its valleys and the lakes of Melu and Kapitelu, before reaching the village of Venaco.

There was a desire to establish a symbolic route similar to the GR20 (…) It is a participatory approach where we have involved tourist offices, inter-communities and bicycle clubs.

Olivier Leonetti, in charge of GT20 for ATC

The final itinerary passes through Ghisoni, Zicavo and Zonza before concluding the adventure in Porto-Vecchio in the far south of Corsica. ,The northern part can be done in March and April, Olivier advises Leonetti. On the other hand, it is essential to ensure good weather conditions for the south and interior. There can be water, fog and very low temperatures. The route requires certain physical conditions but a bike with electric assistance can overcome the difficulties.

for equipment, plan a road bike or “gravel” that combines the features of a road bike and an all-terrain bike. In total, there are 350 signs in various locations, in both directions, to guide cyclists. ,There was a desire to establish a symbolic route similar to the GR20, Olivier Leonetti believes. It is a participatory approach where we have involved tourist offices, inter-communities and bicycle clubs. The village mayor gives us very positive feedback. Tourist establishments may operate even out of season. And those that offer accommodation in the interiors will get a boost.”

July and August should be avoided due to the heat and busy road network to cover the distance of 600 km. Although it is possible to reserve your accommodation as you go, it is better to do so in advance due to demand and fewer possibilities in some stopover cities.

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