Has Air Algerie dropped the promotion?

Ticket prices: has Air Algérie dropped the promotion?

An aircraft of the national airline Air Algerie. Image by: Lucas Wunderlich | stock.adobe.com | For VVA – Visa and Travel

constantly criticized regarding plane ticket prices, Air Algérie continues to ignore. It has not offered any new promotions on its flights since the beginning of 2024, as the summer season is fast approaching.

A large number of Algerians return to the country from France during the summer season, with the three months of summer considered to be the period in which Air Algerie flights see the highest demand.

No new promotions since the beginning of the year

But, as the summer season approaches, the Algerian airline has still not made any commercial gesture towards its main customers, especially since trips are often planned weeks or even months in advance.

On the contrary, the prices currently offered for summer are considered very high, even more From 700 euros round trip between France and Algeria on most dates.

Apart from the 50% reduction during the month of Ramadan, a promotion which was launched last December at the request of the President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune and which did not have the expected effect on prices, Air Algerie has not yet offered any discounts. Its flights.

However, the decline in plane ticket prices is one of the main expectations of the customers of the Algerian national airline, which is mainly composed of members of the national community abroad. But everything suggests that the expected cuts will not take place next summer.

When asked about this in parliament last March, Air Algerie CEO Hamza Ben Hamouda promised that ” Prices will be reduced on some flights to make them affordable for everyone ,

Only the month of May is left to offer promotions for Air Algerie

To turn this promise into reality, the management of the national company decided form a commission to re-examine ticket prices, as MP Kada Nedzadi reported in early April.

The mission of the commission, which must submit its findings within two months, is to reduce prices, but without damaging company finances. But obviously, given the pace of things, the long-awaited price cut will have no impact on the high season.

Thus, there is only the month of May left for Air Alger to save face by making a solid commercial gesture for the benefit of its customers, by offering a valid promotion on flights for the summer.

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