Have you thought about this liability for your residence that could be costing you?

This tax liability caused controversy last summer, She is making a comeback this year. it’s about real estate declaration which 34 million owners had to pay Till 31 July 2023, Nowadays, “More than 82% of owners of less than 200 premises declared residents of their homes», says the Ministry of Economy and Finance which responded On a question asked by the Renaissance deputy of Loire-Atlantique, Of those latecomers, 18% (6 million owners) have until June 30 to comply. ,Until 2024, the administration will continue to show generosity to users in good faith», confirms Figaro Directorate General of Public Finance. Others risk a fine of 150 euros per accommodation in case of incorrect, incomplete declarations or omissions.

If you’re one of the 28 million owners who have completed their obligation, rest assured: you won’t need to do it again. This is the case if “no change in business»Have not intervened since last year, specifies DGFiP. On the other hand, if you have changed the address of your main or secondary residence or you have changed the tenant, you will need to inform this to the tax authorities. ,It is appropriate to provide a last date for the status of the old occupant and, where applicable, declare the vacancy of the new occupant or premises.», explains DGFIP.

Last date 1 July

How soon? Before July 1st. Otherwise you risk paying a fine of 150 euros per stay. ,This declaration allows us to know whether your residence should be exempted from residence tax because it is your main residence or taxed with residence tax because it is your secondary residence or tax on vacant premises.», says the tax administration. enough to avoid new deviations such as Send council tax notices to minor children Or student. Such failures that a priori should no longer occur for a few seconds following the development of Bursi, which ensured Student housing was exempted from housing tax,

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