He books his ticket 6 months in advance, for a 2-hour flight he pays €860

Air Algerie: He books his ticket 6 months in advance, for a 2-hour flight he pays €860

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In the airline industry, it is well known that booking plane tickets a few weeks before the travel date gets you much cheaper prices. Does this specifically apply to prices for flights to Algeria air algeria ,

In open air markets, airline ticket prices are set based on a number of criteria including competition, a factor that contributes heavily to low flight prices. The date on which you book the ticket also matters.

It is actually known that ticket prices on a flight increase as the travel date approaches. Based on this rule, travelers looking for affordable rates will only have to book weeks or months in advance.

Can booking a flight in advance with Air Algérie really guarantee an affordable price?

Can Algerians abroad, the main customers of airlines serving Algeria, trust this well-known practice in the field of worldwide travel?

From the point of view of Deputy for Emigration Taufik Khedim, the prices charged on flights to Algeria do not meet any rules of the air transport market, especially since it is the Algerian market. “Almost Off”.

“The ticket prices applicable to expatriates during the holidays run contrary to all the rhetoric claiming to address the concerns of the Algerian community abroad”he says on his Facebook page.

A few weeks ago, an Air Algerie manager told him what the company’s ticket prices were. “Competitive”, However, the deputy learned that “Talking about competition in a nearly closed market is just smoke and mirrors”.

There’s no benefit in booking months in advance, believes MP, with evidence

The same Air Algerie manager also reportedly asked them to book in advance before the date of travel. “It will actually be possible to achieve this.” very cheap prices ,, However, the MP believes that this is completely false.

To support his comments, he claimed that a simulation had been performed on an Air Algerie flight six months before the date of travel, and that the price displayed was excessively expensive. The ticket in question relates to a round trip between Lille and Oran (13 July – 17 August), depending on the occupation.

The price displayed on the ticket, although booked six months before the date of travel, is 860.03 euros. “This simulation is done six months before the date of travel. This manager is probably talking about booking three years in advance to get the best price.The MP quipped.

He also believes that now is the time for the government to intervene to solve this problem of air ticket prices so that Algerian migrants can return to Bled instead of going to other countries.

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