He discovers Constantine’s “most beautiful view”.

Journey to Algeria: He visited Constantine's

Constantine, Algeria. Image: Dmitry Pichugin | stock.adobe.com

Beyond its popular tourist destinations, Algeria It is home to some divine corners that only the locals and a few insiders know about.

Arriving in Constantine, tourists often first look at the city’s bridges, looking at them from a distance, filming them, taking photographs while crossing them, without even thinking that there is a real treasure there. sightseeing tour Who sleeps below.

Under the Bridges of Constantine: A City Under the City

Actually, the real view of the city is also visible under these bridges. This is what an Internet user shows through a Video It garnered nearly 2 million views just two days after it was posted on his TikTok channel.

Contrary to all expectations, the discovery of this magical place begins under a public toilet plate. “When you walk into Constantine and come across this plaque, you’ll think you’ll find a toilet, but you end up with a spectacular view,” explains the Internet user running down the stairs.

After walking a few steps, the view is not very attractive and suggests a real public toilet but in the open air. Only, after a few more steps, we find paths reminiscent of another city below the city of Constantine.

The Internet user eventually reaches the footbridge under the Mallah Slimane footbridge, and films the city of Constantine rising above him. But the view is not enough for him and he decides to get lost again down the Rummel valleys, believing it to be “the most beautiful view of the city of Constantine”.

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