Here are the 10 documents required to renew your Algerian passport at the Consulate

Here are the 10 documents required to renew your Algerian passport at the Consulate

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To travel to Algeria, including minor children, an Algerian biometric passport is mandatory. ID cards are not accepted. Visa is required for foreigners.

it regulation It is a hard fact that requests for renewal of this travel document increase rapidly in Algerian consulates abroad during certain periods of the year, especially as the summer holidays approach.

As summer holidays approach, France, where a strong community of Algerian origin lives, raided Algerian consulates for passport renewals. This is especially the case for larger consulates such as Bourbon, Créteil, Nanterre, etc., which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is forced to implement. emergency measures and reinstate mandatory appointments to renew the famous travel document.

Algerian passport renewal: Consulates display the list of documents to be provided

That said, when renewing their passport for the first time abroad, some Algerians do not know what documents to provide. Here they are, as listed on a poster at the Algerian Consulate in France:

– Algerian passport application form, collected from the Consulate or downloaded from its website, must be duly completed, or you must “necessarily” Provide blood type and phone number

– An original copy of the S12 birth certificate of the person concerned

– Consular registration card for people over 19 years of age. For minors, of the father, or if the father is a foreigner, of the mother, along with a photocopy of this document.

– Residence permit or French identity card for dual citizens, with a photocopy of the presented document.

– Proof of residence for less than 3 months in the consular district (in case where the person concerned has been accommodated, they must also present a certificate of valid residence issued by their town hall).

– Professional or educational proof with photocopy.

– Photocopy of marriage certificate or family record book for married women and divorce certificate for divorced women.

– 2 recent identification photographs: for applicants over 12 years of age they will be taken at the Consulate Studio, for children under 12 years of age, the photographs must be of the same print and on a white background.

– €60 chancellor fee or €30 for minors and students under 19 years of age.

– On the website of the Algerian Consulate in Paris, we confirm this list to which we add the obligation to present the old passport (original + photocopy).

The same source indicates that when collecting passports, the presence of interested parties over the age of 12 is mandatory, so that they can have their fingerprints compared, unlike children under the age of 12, whose presence is not required.

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