Here are the 20 sunniest towns and villages in France!

France, with its diverse landscapes and varied climates, is home to some of the sunniest places in Europe.

From Mediterranean mildness to oceanic clarity, this article takes you on a discovery of 20 towns and villages where the sun reigns supreme, promising bright days and mild temperatures all year round.

Discover the French destinations where the sun shines brightest

If you’re looking for a sunny holiday in France, look no further. We have selected for you the 20 sunniest towns and villages in France. So, get your sunglasses and sunscreen ready, and discover these dazzling destinations:

  • Good
  • marseille
  • toulouse
  • montpellier
  • Ajaccio
  • Bastia
  • Perpignan
  • aix en provence
  • Avignon
  • neem

but that’s not all ! There are also other attractive villages worth visiting:

  • saint tropez
  • Antibes
  • Cassis
  • Collioure
  • Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer
  • Biarritz
  • Ramatuel
  • pyla-sur-mer
  • ile-rousse

Benefits of these sunny destinations for your stay

These towns and villages are not only famous for their exceptional levels of sunshine. They also offer plenty of activities and tourist sites to explore. Some of the advantages of these destinations are:

  • heavenly beach : Most of these towns and villages are located on the coast, offering dream beaches for you to relax and enjoy the sun.
  • delicious cooking : Mediterranean cuisine is in the spotlight in these sunny regions. Taste typical dishes such as bouillabaisse, ratatouille or tapenade.
  • a rich cultural heritage : Discover the many historical monuments, museums and art galleries that bear witness to the distinguished past of these towns and villages.

How to properly prepare for your trip to these sunny destinations

To fully enjoy your stay in these sunny towns and villages, it is essential to prepare your trip well. Here are some tips to organize your holidays:

  • To take advantage of the best rates and availability, book your accommodation in advance, especially during the high tourist season (July-August).
  • Take the guesswork out of your trips by reserving your plane or train tickets in advance. Don’t hesitate to use online comparators to find the best offer.
  • Remember to take with you the essentials to enjoy the sun safely: sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and light clothing.

By choosing one of these 20 most beautiful towns and villages in France for your next vacation, you will definitely have an unforgettable vacation under the sign of the sun. So, make your choice and get ready to enjoy a bright stay!

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