Here are the 5 most beautiful villages in France that can be reached without a car!

The beauty of French villages no longer needs to be displayed. However, did you know that it is possible to visit some of the most beautiful villages in France without needing a car?

Here is a selection of five villages accessible by public transport that will help you discover French heritage from another angle.

Belves: a medieval village set on a rocky slope

Located in the Dordogne, Bellevue is an authentic medieval town that offers an immersion in history. To get there without a car:

  • Take the train to Belves SNCF station
  • Then take a local shuttle to reach the village center

In this fortified village, you can admire:

  • ramparts and seven bell towers
  • Medieval market dating back to the 15th century

Aiguisheim: Alsatian charm amidst the vineyards

it Picturesque village of Alsace Was chosen French Favorite Village in 2013. To get there without a car:

  • Take the train to Colmar Station
  • Then, take bus 440 to reach Eguisheim

On the site, don’t miss:

  • Palace of the Counts of Eguisheim
  • Paved roads and half-timbered houses characterize the area

La Roche-Guyon: a village in the middle of the French Vexin

Located in the Val-d’Oise, La Roche-Guyon is an ideal destination for walks of nature and culture. To get there without a car:

  • Take the train to Mantes-la-Jolie station
  • Then, take bus 95-11 to reach La Roche-Guyon

Make the most of your trip:

  • Explore the Château de la Roche-Guyon and its French gardens
  • Discover the troglodyte rocks overlooking the village

Les Baux-de-Provence: a historical setting in Provence

Situated on a hilltop in the Alps, the village attracts with its exceptional natural setting and its historical heritage. To get there without a car:

  • Take the train to Avignon TGV or Arles station
  • Then, take Cartreuse shuttle line 59 or 29 to reach Les Baux-de-Provence

Don’t miss this:

  • Visit the ruins of the Château des Baux and its breathtaking landscape
  • Admire the works of art displayed on the walls of the Carrier des Lumières

Montsoreau: a charming village on the banks of the Loire

Located at the confluence of the Loire and Vienne, Montsoreau is famous for its Renaissance castle. To get there without a car:

  • Take the train to Saumur or Terquant SNCF station
  • Then, take bus 30 to reach Montsoreau

During your visit, don’t miss:

  • Montsoreau Castle-Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Walk along the water and the typical white tufa houses of the Loire Valley

So don’t hesitate any longer, set out to discover the most beautiful French villages without using your car. An ecological and practical way to fully enjoy the cultural and natural heritage that these villages offer you.

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