Here are the essential experiences to discover Basque culture!

Basque culture is rich and diverse, and to discover it, there is nothing like immersing yourself in the heart of traditions, landscapes and local gastronomy. We have selected for you the essential experiences to fully experience this immersion in the Basque Country.

Explore the picturesque villages of the Basque Country

discover These charming villages that reflect the Basque soul ,

  • Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port: famous stop on the way to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostel, This medieval village It will charm you with its cobbled streets and half-timbered houses.
  • Enhoa: One of the most beautiful villages in France, Ainhoa ​​is a true jewel of Basque architecture.
  • espalette: Known worldwide for its chilli, Espaillat is also attractive with its colorful facades and flower-lined streets.

Immerse yourself in local traditions during festivals and cultural events

Parties and events are a great way to immerse yourself in Basque culture:

  • Ituren and Zubieta Carnival: This ancestral festival celebrates the transition from winter to spring with a parade of masked and costumed characters.
  • bayonne festival: Famous for being the biggest popular festivals in the Basque Country, they take place every year at the end of July and bring together thousands of people.
  • San Sebastian International Film Festival: An unforgettable event for film lovers, this prestigious festival highlights the diversity and richness of world cinema.

Enjoy a gastronomic holiday to taste Basque gastronomy

Basque cuisine is a true culinary treasure:

  • pintxo: These small bites are served in tapas bars and allow you to discover many local flavors.
  • Piprade: Made with tomatoes, peppers, onions and espelette pepper, this typical dish is a gift to the taste buds.
  • Basque Cake: This traditional pastry filled with pastry cream or black cherry jam is a must-have in the Basque region.

Discover the typical sports and activities of the Basque Country

For an authentic experience, try the local games:

  • Basque Pelota: This ancestral game is played as a team and is available in many specialties. Participate in a game of pediment or trinket to better understand the rules and spirit of this discipline.
  • Wave: Considered Basque Country The cradle of surfing in Europe, Take advantage of the beaches of Biarritz, Anglet or Saint-Jean-de-Luz to get acquainted with the joys of water sports.
  • hiking: The Basque Mountains offer exceptional panoramas and many hiking possibilities for all levels, especially in the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park or the Aranzazu Valley.

By following these tips, you will definitely have a rich and authentic experience in the heart of the Basque Country. Let yourself be captivated by this unique culture and make the most of your trip!

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