Here are the ten biggest real estate sales by state in 2023

,My priority is restraint. We have to spare square meters and reduce energy costs in our buildings. It’s good for the planet, it’s also good for public finances. Last year, the results were remarkable. We sold 645 properties worth €280 million, representing a 37% increase in revenues. (Editor’s Note in 2023),” announced Thomas Cazenaway, the Minister for Public Accounts. gallery , As a reminder, the Minister of Economy and Finance plans to accelerate the sale of the state’s real estate assets, which is valued at 73 billion euros and includes more than 192,000 buildings and 30,000 plots of land covering 94 million square meters. , of which about half is offices and residences. Target? ,Reduce the surface area occupied by administration by 25% », Thomas Cazenaway announced. le figaro has selected the ten biggest sales made by the state in 2023.

A building of the Ministry of Culture sold for 65 million euros

This is the biggest sale by the state in 2023. The culture ministry has vacated its 6,700-square-metre premises, with agents from its central administration regrouping at other sites. The work will be carried out, then this complex on Rue des Pyramides in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris will once again have offices. A long term lease for a very long period of 99 years was concluded with Altaria Kogedim Company in March 2023 for exploitation of this property.

Nanterre School of Architecture sold for more than 11 million euros

Since 2004, the services have moved out of the premises of the former Paris La Defense Architecture School, built in 1971. The school will now write a new page in its history as Eifage Immobilier will rehabilitate the site which is built on approximately 11,000 square meters of land. Preserving its allocation to higher education, before handing it over to the Leonardo da Vinci Association, which also specializes in higher education.

The collection of the National Library of France in Versailles sold for 10 million euros

Photo Credit: Google Street View

In the center of the city and in the immediate vicinity of the Palace of Versailles, there are three buildings with an area of ​​14,500 square metres, which have been used as an archive repository for the National Library of France since 1997. A student residence must see the day in place of this storage deposit.

A former leisure center in Saint-Raphaël worth more than 9 million euros

Photo Credit: State Real Estate Department

It was the Municipality of Saint-Raphaël that exercised its right of priority and which acquired the former leisure center of more than 40,000 square meters for 9,100,000 euros. Composed of 7 buildings, leisure facilities and classified wooded areas, it was sold along with 12 other leisure centres.

A 2,000 square meter plot of land was sold to the National Center for Scientific Research in Meudon for more than 7 million euros

This land area was part of a two-hectare site occupied by the CNRS since 1920. Therefore, the transfer of this land to CNRS seems logical. The entire site will also be restructured. CNRS sold the western part of its site to Vinci/Kaufmann, which will create 15,000 square meters of housing there. ,

Land in Toulouse sold for 6,700,000 euros

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Two plots of undeveloped and buildable land of more than 1000 square meters in the heart of the historic center of Toulouse have been sold to the Sainte-Agne Immobilier-Legendre Immobilier group. The group acquired the property following an interactive notarial sale process. The operation aims to build 28 housing units as well as commercial premises on the ground floor.

An office building in Strasbourg sold for more than 6 million euros

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Occupied by the IT services of the Regional Public Finance Directorate, this 5,000 square meter five-storey office building will be transformed into a social residence for young professionals and students. It will include 150 housing units after a makeover by land conversion company Habitat Nord-Est.

Montpellier National School of Chemistry sold for almost 5 million euros

This former chemistry school was sold to the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole community, which exercised its priority right, for 4,920,000 euros. The acquisition is part of a project to create a dedicated center of excellence for healthcare called Med Valley.

A mansion in Thonon-les-Bains sold for 4 million euros

A small 19th-century castle, a caretaker’s house and a private harbor in the middle of a wooded park, formerly occupied by the University’s Geodynamic Research Centre, which established offices and laboratories there, are known as Thonon-les-Bains. The commune was sold. After this the municipality will transfer the property to the departmental council.

Artillery private mansion in Rennes sold for 3 million euros

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The Artillery Mansion, built on the ramparts of the city’s first medieval wall, once housed an artillery school that welcomed officials of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. It will become a restaurant space, but also a cultural venue hosting permanent exhibitions.

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