Here’s how to reach the prayer room at Paris-Orly Airport

Air Alger passengers: Here's how to reach the prayer room at Paris-Orly Airport

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Many Algerian travelers fly to Algeria through Paris-Orly Airport. However, some people are unaware of its existence prayer room At this French airport.

So, an internet user wanted to show them the way. At Paris-Orly Airport, at Terminal 4, he films the route that starts from the counters of the national airline, Air Algérie, and leads to the prayer room.

Paris-Orly Airport: This shows the route from the Air Algérie counters to the prayer rooms

We first see this internet user in front of the Air Algérie counters. He first turns right, goes down the stairs, then turns left and continues straight. Finally, on his right, he finds a door marked “Prayer Place”.

He enters the side of the room reserved for men and films in a carpeted room where there is silence. We see some faithful people performing their Islamic religious duty. “You can come here and pray, read the Quran, this is the prayer room at Orly, Terminal 4”indicates an Internet user.

“It is quite well hidden, it is difficult to find it alone”, explains one first commentator. Another says there’s an easier way “Going down the stairs from arrivals”.

this must be remembered Algiers Airport There are 9 prayer rooms. There are 5 terminals in the international flight terminal, 3 in the domestic and Umrah flight terminal, and one terminal in the Hajj and charter flight terminal.

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