How Agnes Pannier-Runacher plows her field in agriculture

There is no small cause, no small minister. Agnes Pannier-Runacher, “APR” for those in the know, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Agriculture, tried to provide evidence by walking down the aisle this Saturday, March 23. Barbecue Show, in the Parc Floral de Paris. Armed with her apron and meat tongs, she took part in a grilling master class: “In Pas-de-Calais where I live, barbecue is often a leisure activity of people who can’t go on holidays. People have had a bad experience of being stigmatized by environmentalists on this topic, such as the increasing number of above ground swimming pools. ,

Of course, we have the right to suspect that this was a Parisian by birth, an anarch and HEC, to show off a little more of its mat and popular roots. But her claim above all shows that she is in politics, visible on the ground, humble, hardworking and close to the people.

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