How can we leave people in the dark with quotes of more than 30,000 euros?

An employee of the Fluidian company takes a sample from the Seine to analyze its composition in preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, near the Alexandre III bridge in Paris on August 4, 2023.

The department’s letter received in August 2019 did not worry him much. A design office must check its hygiene conformance. For the triathlon and open water swimming events of the Paris 2024 Games to be held in the Seine, two wastewater treatment plants must be modernized and storage capacity increased in case of heavy rain. But repairing the bad connections of about 23,000 houses was also considered a priority.

If the house is not connected to a well, the waste water goes directly into the river. Two watersheds, the rue Saint-Baudille, around Gagny in Seine-Saint-Denis, and the rue de la Lande, around Champagne and Saint-Maur, in Val-de-Marne, are of particular concern. Living in Neuilly-Plaisance in Seine-Saint-Denis, he is the target. They make an appointment.

The rapid urbanization of the post-war period is often the cause of these poor relations. Sometimes, it is a careless entrepreneur who connects himself to the pipe first at the time of plot division. In this 19th-century house, on Avenue Daniele-Casanova, home of Olivier Brossard, his partner and their three neighbors, it is the absence of a separate networkI The century is placed in front of a shady plot. Many years ago a doctor lived there. Since then, three apartments have been built there. The couple and their two children are in first place. One woman alone, the other. At the rear, which could have served as outbuildings, two retired people have settled.

a funny story

In the spring of 2022, a design office confirms the non-compliance of the installation. We must intervene, but rest assured, the Seine-Normandy Water Agency is subsidizing. The rest of the work is handled by the department: contracts have been signed with the companies. The situation became more difficult when he received the company’s quotation in mid-July. “37,537.50 euros including tax”or rather “32,537.50 euros” After deduction of aid. They have fifteen days to respond, two years to complete the job. A large number of houses on the road are affected.

This story in three voices, which the co-owners tell at the couple’s kitchen table on a weekday evening, is omnipresent. However, not everyone knows how to do it. The woman, who does not want to reveal her name, is a social worker. Letters, procedures, this is his daily life. Olivier Brossard teaches, his partner works in communications. He is determined and has no administrative fear. The biggest thing is that they do not have the means to repay this amount.

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