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For any reservation with Transavia, every passenger always has the benefit of free hand luggage, which is stored under the seat in front of them. Customers wishing to travel with larger cabin baggage will have to subscribe to the new payment option.
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Transavia is charging for cabin baggage from Tuesday 3 April, a policy already in place in other low-cost airlines, the amount will vary depending on the destination chosen and the date of reservation.

Been waiting for this for months, it’s done: Transavia is changing its cabin baggage policy From April 3, 2024, thus adopting the policy already in place in other low-cost companies. Apart from hand baggage, which will remain included in all fares, every customer will now have the option, through a new payment option, to travel with oversized cabin baggage and benefit from priority boarding. Baggage, seat selection, meals, entertainment: many services previously included in the ticket price have become chargeable on planes and some airlines owe their profitability solely to supplements paid by their customers. The end of free cabin baggage at the low-cost Air France-KLM group is a reminder that these “ancillary revenues” are at the heart of the economic models of low-cost airlines and increasingly others. Because globally, according to the OAG firm, the share of ancillary income in airline turnover is set to more than double between 2013 and 2022, reaching nearly 15% or more than $102 billion. Air France-KLM, which is targeting an operating margin of 7 to 8% in 2024-2026 compared with 5.7% in 2023 after losing 10.4 billion euros cumulatively in 2020 and 2021, is expected to grow its ancillary revenues by 53%. Happy to grow. per passenger from 2019.

Paul Chiambareto, professor at Montpellier Business School and director of the Pegase Chair dedicated to the economics and management of air transport, returned. Figaro On airline baggage policy. ,For example, Ryanair has understood this very well in short and medium haul flights. The Irish company manages to separate passengers traveling together (even children with their parents) by forcing them to pay extra to sit together! is deemed. » Like other low-cost companies, Ryanair has taken this concept even further with fees for almost everything: priority boarding, excess baggage, or even a simple small bottle of water (easyJet or XL Airways charges €2.50, etc.). Carriers present this pricing structure as an opportunity to create your own journey (Read our survey of November 15, 2023,

How much do we have to pay to travel on Transavia with a cabin suitcase?

Simply put, for any reservation with Transavia, every passenger always benefits from free hand luggage, which is placed under the seat in front of them (maximum dimensions: 40x30x20 cm). Customers wishing to travel with larger cabin baggage will have to subscribe to the new payment option. The latter must respect maximum dimensions of 55x35x25 cm and not exceed 10 kg. It will be kept in the luggage compartment above the seats. Practical, but at what cost? The price of this new option will start at €10 for the months of April, May and June. For the months of July and August, count on a minimum of €15,” Except in Dakar, Tel Aviv, Beirut and Yerevan where prices may be higher.Refers to Transavia, linking it as a whole,Prices can be increased or decreased depending on changes in demand.,

The company has announced that its customers who have chosen the “Max” fare will be able to travel with hand luggage (40x30x20 cm), large cabin baggage (55x35x25 cm) and avail priority boarding. On its website, the company specifies that if you make your reservation before April 3, 2024, the terms of your purchase will continue to apply for your travel: Whether you chose the Basic, Plus, or Max fare, you will be allowed one piece of luggage. The size of free hand luggage is 40x30x20 cm and cabin baggage is 55x35x25 cm. Their total weight should not exceed 10 kg. In short, no matter what your travel date is, nothing changes for you. but beware ! Since space in the cabin is limited, Transavia specifies that only the first 70 cabin bags can be carried on board, ” Others will be transported free of charge, And you have to plan in advance: the price to be paid at the last minute at the boarding gate is announced as €65.

Travelers are willing to do anything to fly while paying as little as possible

Yet according to Paul Chiambareto, ” Air transport has become a convenience, passengers choose the cheapest options, especially since the most popular trips belong to domestic and medium-haul flights, distances where travel conditions are almost equal.,The question of comfort and quality of service will arise more on long-haul flights, where “dry” service, i.e. without any requests other than boarding, is a little more problematic. Who travels to the other side of the world without a suitcase? » The fact is that fare optimization games create a complex situation where the passenger suffers a huge loss. Because the latter does not master all the subtleties between what companies do or do not include in the ticket price. On Vueling, cabin baggage is already charged from €20 to €59 per bag and per flight. British company easyJet changed its pricing policy on cabin baggage in 2021. Since then, only small handbags, measuring a maximum of 45 x 36 x 20 cm and weighing less than 15 kg, are accepted on board free of charge, more than that you will have to pay €7.99. In the specific case of cabin baggage, the logic of low-cost airlines is not only financial: it is in their interest to keep suitcases in the hold, to reduce boarding and disembarkation times and to be able to schedule more daily flights.

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