How to change the trustee of your co-ownership

In co-ownership the central contact, the Trustee, manages the finances and administration of the building. He is also its legal representative. Without this, the Annual General Meeting cannot be called and no decision can be taken.

Its role is even more important as the management of co-ownership has become more complex over the years, and occupants’ expectations have changed. Trustees sometimes complain of increasing numbers of emails from co-owners demanding immediate answers to difficult problems.

If, in some buildings, a co-owner is elected “trustee” by the assembly, this role is often performed by a real estate professional. in this matter, Changing trustee requires finding a new service provider, This approach is necessary when the existing professional has announced his departure or when his services are not satisfactory. The law of 10 July 1965, which regulates co-ownership, also provides for regular competition among trustees and specifies that multiple quotations may be submitted.

It is usually the Union Council, a group of co-owners elected at a general meeting, that is responsible for searching for the new trustee. However, nothing prevents another co-owner from performing this task. Proposals for new contracts must be placed on the agenda of the general meeting of co-owners, at which a majority of all co-owners must vote for the trustee.

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Rule number one: Start your research before the meeting. Sometimes several months are required to contact the trustees, organize a tour of the building, obtain various contract proposals and put them on the agenda. It seems prudent to start the process in February or March for the general meeting to be held in June.

The agenda of the meeting should be sent to all co-owners at least twenty-one days before the date of the meeting. Once sent, it is too late to add the contract offer.

Contact details for the Trustees can be found here Website of the Federation of Real Estate Unions (UNIS)), one of the associations of real estate professionals. “Word of mouth is also an interesting solution”, recalls Delphine Merle, co-founder of the White Bird Network of Trustees, who recommends asking friends or neighboring buildings about their trustees. It is also possible to delegate the search to a co-ownership trustee broker such as Syndicolor, Cineval or However, they are few in number.

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