Impressive seizure of products from passengers by customs at Oran port

Algeria Ferries: Impressive seizure of products from passengers by Customs

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The restrictions on the movement of goods at the crossing from Europe to Algeria are becoming tighter. Algerian customs at the port of Oran recently made a major seizure of passengers aboard an Algerian Ferries ship.

after Algiers AirportNow it is the turn of Oran port to tighten control on passengers coming from Spain. On March 29, Algerian customs at this port made a major seizure of various goods and food products.

A large amount of luggage was confiscated from passengers coming from Alicante

The crossing from the port of Alicante to the port of Oran in Spain was made on 31 March on a ship of the passenger transport company, Algerie Ferries.

“Operation is done.” As part of customs processing of passengers at a crossing from Alicante », indicates the general direction of Algerian customs sent Published Tuesday 2 April.

Customs elements reporting to the divisional inspection of the port of Oran have seized large quantities of goods, mainly food products, transported by passengers.

These items were seized during several control operations on passengers’ luggage at this crossing.

Here are the details of the goods seized by customs at Oran port

According to the same source, ” 7,200 kg of various fruits, 375 kg of almonds, 1,500 kg of fat, 3,240 boxes of food coloring and 120 packs of soft drinks of different models. ,

Customs also confiscated the passengers’ luggage 240 packets of coffee, 14 cooking utensils, 240 units of personal care products and 100 kg of animal feed ,

make decisions based on their nature and quantity things It is clear from the seizures that they are for sale in Algeria as part of the informal trade, known locally as the “shopping bag trade”.

, This operation reflects the continued proactivity of Algerian customs agents in carrying out the security missions assigned to the body to combat all types of illegal cross-border trade. », we can read in the press release.

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