In French campsites, the strong return of our European neighbors

The National Federation of Outdoor Hotels welcomes a “record year 2023” and expects a busy summer.

tourists are actually Back to French Campsites, In any case, this is what the National Outdoor Hotel Federation (FNHPA) says, which “praises”record season»141 million nights booked in the region in 2023. An increase of 4.4% compared to last year and +9.3% compared to 2019, the “pre-COVID” reference year for tourism professionals.

These good figures can be explained in particular by the return of “local Europeans”, who represented slightly less than a third (30%) of the total presence at French campsites during the summer season from May to August in 2023. The FNHPA marks an increase of 8% compared to the previous year. We must thank the loyalty of the Dutch, Germans and Belgians, who represented 82% of the foreign customer base. Next come our British and Swiss neighbours. “This is explained by their proximity to France and the cultural habit of these countries to practice camping. “Northern countries practice camping out of true faith, not because of budgetary constraints.”explains to Figaro Nicolas Dayot, FNHPA President.

The wind always blows in the sails of the shores

The FNHPA says the coast remains the favorite destination for campers in France. Thus during the high season more than half of the reservations are concentrated on the beach, while in France only 30% are camping sites (compared to 55% in the “rural and mountainous” category). Quite logically, these are three regions in the south of the country – Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Occitanie And PACA – Who “alone represent approximately 53% of the national attendance“. However, the Federation notes the growing appeal of establishments in the Pays de la Loire, Brittany (+5.8%), Normandy (+6.2%) and hauts-de-france (+7.3%). “Over ten years, attendances in areas of the northern half have increased more than in areas of the southern half. This is partly linked to climate change, but also to improvements in the quality of camping sites.Nicolas Dayot says.

“The New Aquitaine, Occitanie and Paca regions – alone represent approximately 53% of the national presence in outdoor campsites”

Nicolas Dayot

The FNHPA, which reported these encouraging figures during a press conference this Wednesday, April 3, expects a busy summer in 2024. At the end of March, bookings for the high season are already 6% higher than the same period last year. Camping enthusiasts are already committing to the months of September and October. Here again, foreign customers (+10% on seasonal wings) have something to do with it. Proof of this is that, in a mobile home like a four-star hotel, September attracts more and more vacationers. In 2024 What signals a new record? The FNHPA prefers to remain cautious. “Purchasing power problems and the departure rate of low-income French people could worsen the figures, even if they are at the same level by 2023”Analyzes the President of the Federation.

As a reminder, outdoor hotels in France represent almost a third of the European accommodation capacity (i.e. 29.2%, ahead of the United Kingdom – 16.7%). In France, campsites offer more than 2.7 million beds, far ahead of hotels (1.3 million). Paradoxically, the FNHPA points out, unlike its neighbours, France is the only country that has seen a decline in the number of camps since 2010…

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