In the heart of Brittany lies a village with a unique charm!

You have undoubtedly already heard of the most famous Breton cities such as Saint-Malo, Dinan or Quimper.

But let us introduce you Pontreaux, a charming small town located in the Côtes-d’Armor, in the heart of Brittany. it small town of character Will surprise you with its authenticity and peaceful atmosphere.

Pontreaux’s essential property

Pontreix is ​​a town on a human level that offers a pleasant living environment and picturesque landscapes. Here are some of the assets that make this small town an ideal place to spend an unforgettable stay in Brittany:

  • Typical Breton architecture : Half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and old stones will immerse you in an atmosphere full of history.
  • cultural property : Pontreix has a notable built heritage, including several historical monuments such as the Saint-Yves Church and the Château de Boisgelin.
  • protected natural environment : Located on the banks of the Troix, the town offers bucolic landscapes and green spaces ideal for relaxation and walks.
  • breton sociability :The residents of Pontreix are renowned for their warm welcome and festive spirit. Don’t hesitate to participate in the many local events and festivals!

Must-see things to do during your stay in Pontreix

Pontreix is ​​full of hidden treasures that are worth discovering. Here is a non-exhaustive list of places not to be missed during your visit:

  • old Bridge : This 15th century granite bridge is a symbol of the city. Don’t forget to admire it during a walk on the rocky roads.
  • Triex Wash House : Witness to the past These magnificent stone wash houses are located on the banks of the Troix. A guided boat tour will allow you to learn more about their history.
  • The house is known as ‘Senechal’ : This 16th-century residence is classified as a historical monument and now houses a tea room where you can taste Breton specialties.
  • Garden of Château de Boisgelin : This romantic landscape park covers 9 hectares and offers a breathtaking view of the Trieux valley. The real abode of peace!

Things to do around Pontreix

The Pontreix region offers plenty of activities for every taste and every age. Here are some tips for making the most of your stay:

  • hiking : Explore the Breton countryside and coastal paths, thanks to the many marked routes spread across the region.
  • sea ​​sports :The Triax is ideal for kayaking, paddle boarding and freshwater fishing.
  • Exploring local heritage : Visit the characteristic villages of the surrounding area, such as Pampol and Plougresant, as well as their historical monuments and natural sites.
  • Breton gastronomy : Taste local products in the restaurants and creperies of Pontreix, such as PattiesCider or even seafood.

Pontreix is ​​a true hidden gem in the heart of Brittany. This charming small town will charm you with its authentic character and gentle lifestyle. So, don’t hesitate any longer and allow yourself to enjoy an unforgettable stay in this charming city!

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