Is your energy renovation work profitable?

The French are afraid to throw money down the drain By starting energy renewal work, Effie, which specializes in energy renewables, is introducing a system called Economy to measure the efficiency of energy renewables work. ,Economy measures the profit in energy and euros that a person earns after work», explains company president Frederick Utzmann.

To benefit from this analysis of energy consumption, you must have an Energy Savings Certificate, CEE, work financed by support funded by energy suppliers, and be equipped with a Linky meter to be able to share your consumption data, And a person must live in a house or apartment with individual heating. The program is open to all individual owners without income conditions and all heating energies combined. This service, supported by EWC, allows Effie to measure the savings made over a season.

Maximize your energy savings

Why Measure the profitability of energy renewal work:What does this mean? work cannot be done efficiently, ,The work may not be profitable for two reasons: the first is rare, it involves poorly done work that produces no apparent effect. The second is more common. When people save less than their goal, it’s often a behavioral problem, taking the opportunity to overheat after work. The desire for comfort is becoming increasingly strong in society, this should not be denied.», specifies Friedrich Utzmann.

In general the most profitable task is the insulation of attic spaces, a process that does not cost much but has a profound impact on energy losses. Families who replace their oil boiler with a heat pump, the more expensive option, save more than 1000 euros per year. Once the benefits are known, the objective is to maximize the energy savings made possible thanks to energy efficiency actions. Effie offers participants the opportunity to be equipped, free of charge, with a room-by-room heating control system with a connected thermostat, to more closely monitor their energy consumption and achieve energy savings by controlling the chosen temperature. can be maximized.

Effie would like insurance companies to provide guarantees on energy renovation work. ,For now, it’s still science fiction. Insurers must measure the risks in advance to know the amount of premium.», explains Friedrich Utzmann. Effie currently aims to support 100,000 families over three years with this system.

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