“It will take 30 minutes for us to open the plane doors.”

Air Algerie:

An Air Algerie plane. (Photo by Markus Menka/Adobe Stock)

After takeoff or landing, aircraft passengers have the right to leave their seats, which can sometimes lead to overcrowding.

We can see this by watching a video posted on TikTok in which passengers are shown boarding the plane air algeria Waiting for the doors to open.

Passengers, desperate to disembark, left their seats and stood in the aisle of the plane, creating an atmosphere of chaos in the plane.

Air Algerie: “Will we ever get off this plane? »

The author revealed, this is the Marseille-Algiers flight of April 2 VideoEmphasizing that the plane landed “an hour before the Maghrib call to prayer” and that “people wanted to break the fast in their homes, not on the plane.”Another Internet user, who was apparently present on this flight, confirms that the plane landed here Algeria 5:50 pm “We waited for 20 minutes and were told there was a problem opening the door and the agent who was supposed to take care of it was not present. At 6:20 pm, some passengers were angry,” he said.

Actually, in the video we see passengers standing stressed and extremely upset. “The plane has been stuck for 20 minutes,” we hear a passenger complaining, who can’t help but exclaim: “But will we ever get out of here?”.

In the comments of this video, many Internet users condemned the behavior of the passengers of this plane, emphasizing that “if they were on a plane of a foreign company, they would have remained sitting in their seats”. The passenger replied, “When you’re stuck on the ground for 30 minutes, it’s normal for your behavior to change.

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