It’s possible to visit the Acropolis of Athens without tourists if you can afford it

In Athens, wealthy visitors could now privately tour the Acropolis in the morning and evening. The controversial measure will come into force on April 1, increasing the prices of access to 350 main archaeological sites and museums in Greece.

In greece Which, among other problems, suffers from overtourism, a new step has been taken this April 1st. From Monday, wealthy visitors have been able to privatize visits to the AcropolisAthens, away from the crowds of travelers, to admire the bustling Greek capital that stretches out like an octopus to the port of Piraeus. The country’s most famous monument actually became accessible for private guided tours of up to five people in the early morning (7 am – 9 am) or in the evening (8 pm – 10 pm), in addition to public opening hours. Is. Despite the exceptional service you will have to pay around 5,000 euros.

It was much commented on and criticized when it was announced; according to the Ministry of Culture, the measure came in response to demand from visitors who wanted to admire the four temples that sit on the Acropolis, drawing thousands of tourists. Selfie without realizing it.

3.5 million visitors last year

It must be said that in 2023, approximately 32.7 million visitors Visited Greece and welcomed over 3.5 million people to the Acropolis site. Tourism represents almost a quarter of Greek wealth (25% of GDP), and the 2024 season, which has already started, looks particularly busy. According to officials, these amounts paid for private trips ” Reinvesting profits in cultural projects and monuments, without damaging the archaeological site. ,

Apart from this offer admission ticket prices For a number of archaeological sites or museums, depending on their importance, fees have been increased to the wider public from April 1 with the implementation of electronic tickets in 28 sites. Until now, visitors had to pay 20 euros to visit the Rock and Acropolis Museum; The entry fee has now increased to 30 euros.

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