“It’s put grated butter on spinach.”

If this practice is illegal without the consent of the owner and without the possibility of making a profit, some people violate the ban with the possibility of earning a good amount of money.

“With the space we have, we can easily reach 350 euros per night”: Like Bruno, many tenants intend to disregard the rules and rent out their accommodation during this time. paris olympicsA dreamy way to make a living.

Bruno (first name has been changed) has a clear project. Along with his roommate, they will rent out their 40-square-meter apartment in the 10th arrondissement during the Olympics (July 26-August 11), without notifying their landlord. His promise to pay the €1,360 rent “in less than a week” won over all arguments. And like him, many young Île-de-France residents are convinced by the possibility of earning good money.

profit sharing

But when it comes to subletting, Alexis Alban warns, President of Loggis, a group of real estate agencies specializing in furnished rentals, “We can do everything and nothing”. This may be legal if the owner agrees and if the lease and co-ownership rules allow it, but “the tenant theoretically cannot make a profit”, he explains.

If the tenant “has agreed to rent a night from his landlord, that in three days he has made his rent profitable and he wishes to rent another night, he may inform his landlord”. And can share earnings, he continues. One option, legal, which Antoine chose. For “a 50 square meter loft with a mezzanine in the second arena”, he expects to receive 2,000 euros per week for a month and a half. An amount he wants to share with his roommate and landlady.

The cumulative total represents “more than our two combined salaries,” the young man underlines. “I told myself that if that’s true, there probably wouldn’t be any point in me working this summer.” He assured his boss, who was initially reluctant, “that (we) would take care of everything and we would give her a percentage. She started listening to me,” says the young man, for whom the under-location is not a The requirement but “spinach in truffled butter”.

easy money

airbnb website Currently, according to the city’s well-equipped Tourist Accommodation Observatory, there are about 60,000 active ads in the capital, or a third more than a year ago, with prices in Île-de-France rising by an average of 85%. But for Alexis Alban, the market during the Games is based on “the logic of bubbles and rent increases.” “On nightly fares, we may charge a slightly more expensive fare than usual,” he admits, though without multiplying the fare by two.

His company tries to discourage sub-tenants by telling them about the risks involved – reimbursement of sums collected, even eviction and payment of damages to the owner. To justify the possible comings and goings of her tenants, Charlotte, whose guardian keeps an eye on illegal sub-renting in the building, has found a solution.

Real Estate Expert (2/2): OJ and Subletting, What You Can Do - 01/03
Real Estate Expert (2/2): OJ and Subletting, What You Can Do – 01/03

“My apartment is on HomeExchange (an apartment exchange site, editor’s note), so I told my babysitter I’d do it this summer, because it’s legal,” explains the young 25-year-old woman, promising not to raise the prices. . , “One month’s rent is already so much left,” she estimates, adding that she already pays a lot in rent every month: 1,100 euros for 27 square meters in the Marais. “I don’t want to give the same treatment to people who come to the Olympics as tourists, and who have already paid very expensive tickets.”

More than 15 million tourists expected

Hervé would rent one of two rooms in his apartment in the 12th arrondissement “for 150 or 200 euros a night”. “We are going to rent the room for 3 or 4 days. If we see that it works, we will charge more for the rest of the period,” explains the 26-year-old. “Making money will become much easier.”

If the lure of profit was the main argument, Hervé also sees the possibility of sharing more than just accommodation: “Since everything is going to cost more, it would be interesting to take tourists somewhere other than the tourist traps”. According to the Paris tourist office, around 15.3 million visitors are expected to the Île-de-France during the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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