Life on a construction site in a fun, offbeat…and fair comic

“Think about going crazy”An old gentleman said to the young architect Flora del Sol Construction Site, by Fabien Groleau and Clément C. Fabre (Dargaud). The main character of this comic strip laments that architecture is now in the hands of serious people. The scene takes place in the heights of Barcelona (Spain) in the Park Güell, designed by Antoni Gaudí. Should we see in this a message from screenwriter Fabien Groleau, himself a former architect and who, in the introduction, dedicates his book to young professionals, without mentioning the sustainability issues that impact the sector? In any case, here is a comic strip that takes a tender and candid look at a profession at the intersection of science and art.

Flora del Sol, a talented young architect, has recently joined a prestigious firm. That of El Rodrigo, a recognized professional with boundless audacity, whose unpredictability frightens his half-fascinated, half-terrified teams. When it comes to toxic management, he will be at the top of the scale.

From the beginning we think quai d’orsayComic strip by Abel Lanzac and Christophe Blaine (Dargaud, 2010–2011), and the relationship between young ministerial adviser Arthur Vlaminck and his stormy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alexandre Taillard de Worms.

architect almost by accident

When El Rodrigo reaches his office, the same whirlwind crosses the rooms: clouds. “Scratch”When he draws frantically, takes the place of “Takatakatak” The Minister of the Quai d’Orsay reels in the entire argument. A movement of character that also determines the tone of the album, half happy, half distant, such as the screenwriter who explains that he became an architect almost by accident.

For Flora, this is the first major post-study project that came to fruition through an order from a demanding customer. On an untouched plot of land by the sea, she projects her thoughts, as if on a white sheet. From first sketch to site delivery, we follow her every step of the way as she overcomes shortcomings and refines her project.

It’s as funny and quirky as it is meant to express the small daily concerns of life on a construction site. Thus, the survival of an iconic Monterey pine is at stake with the collusion of a great star chef who, during a dinner with clients, comes to tell a moving – entirely fictional – legend about this tree. Holy “, Who ” lucky charm »And which certainly should not be destroyed…

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