New offer for travelers going to Algeria

Corsica Linea: new offer for travelers from Algeria

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shipping company Corsica Linea It was the first company to start selling its summer itinerary in Algeria, even before its competitor Algerie Ferries. While reservations are in full swing, it has announced an offer for its Algerian customers.

The Corsican shipping company, which serves Algeria from Marseille and Sète (Montpellier), offers its passengers a new formula for accumulating points from Algeria as part of its Linea FIDE loyalty program.

The Linea FID program was launched by the French shipping company “ Reward frequent travelers from Algeria and Tunisia “. The carrier says on its website that the program is completely free and open to everyone.

Corsica Linea: What is the Linea FID Program and how to register?

To access it, simply register in the My Account area or by telephone at the time of booking. Once registered, the traveler begins to earn points on each reservation on lines from France to Algeria and Tunisia.

Points accumulated by travelers are then converted into vouchers. Regarding the value of these points, Corsica Linea indicates that ” For each crossing completed from 1 September to 30 June, €1 spent is equal to 10 cumulative points ,

For crossings made from July 1 to August 31, each euro spent is equivalent to 5 cumulative points. When travelers reach the 10,000 point limit, they will automatically receive a €40 voucher, which will be credited to their customer account.

Corsica Linea triples the points accumulated on the crossing between Sète and Algeria

In a new offering as part of this loyalty program, Corsican Company indicates that the points accumulated by passengers on crossings departing from the port of Sète to Algeria will be tripled.

, Earn 3x more points by booking your 2024 crossing to or from Sete by booking by April 26 “, we read in the announcement published on Website company.

To benefit from this offer and triple their loyalty points, passengers already registered with the Linea FID program simply need to book their 2024 crossing between Sète and Algeria and validate their reservation.

Passengers who have not yet registered for the program will need to register first to avail the offer. When booking a ticket, the passenger must have his or her customer number linked to the Linea FID loyalty program.

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