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EU introduces new, more effective rules on travel permits work and live Combined for third country nationals. An update to the Directive on Single Permits has just been approved.

Adopted in 2011 and endorsed by the European Parliament last March, the Single Permit Directive, which aims to attract qualified and talented workers to the Union, has recently been approved by the Council of the EU.

EU updates Single Permit Directive

Simply put, this Directive provides for the granting of a single permit to citizens of non-EU countries, giving them the right to work and reside in the Union.

The update of this directive made last week aims to fill shortcomings and address the complexities of legal migration to EU countries, reports the site this Monday, April 15. schengen visa information,

In this regard the Council of the European Union says that ” There The directive defines the administrative procedure for obtaining a single permit for the right to work and the right of residence in the EU ,

Among other new features brought by the update of the Joint Permit Directive, eligible third country nationals will now be subject to a shortened application procedure. In addition, they will have more rights, allowing them to change employers in particular and benefit from limited-term unemployment.

Here’s what will change regarding the single permit combining stay and work

In addition, the new Directive also provided facilities regarding the process of applying for a single permit. Applicants now have the option to apply for a single permit to work and live in the EU from their home country.

People who already live in an EU country with a valid residence permit have the option to apply for a single permit from their country of residence, without having to travel to their country of origin to apply.

As soon as it is approved by an EU country, the single permit will serve as both working license and residence, without requiring its holder to obtain separate documents.

Additionally, and still under update, EU member states now have a period of three months after receipt of the request to process single permit applications.

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