On Reddit, Internet Users Compare, Here’s What They Say

Air Algerie, RAM, Tunisair: on Reddit, Internet users compare, here's what they say

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compare between airlines companies This is no easy task, as many factors have to be taken into account. However, passengers’ experience can serve as a basis for decision.

Although they are subjective, traveler reviews matter a lot. Furthermore, international airline rankings are of course based primarily on this point along with many other considerations.

Internet users compare their experiences with Air Algerie, RAM and Tunisair

On the Reddit discussion network, an Internet user started an interesting comparison, as he asked users to give their opinions about three Maghreb airlines, namely Air Algerie, Royal Air Maroc and Tunisair.

The debate was started within a reddit community The focus was again on the Algerian theme. , Air Algeria, Royal Air Maroc, Tunisair. Which is the best company? », we can read in the question asked by the community administrator.

In the comments, many Internet users gave their opinions based on their experiences with each company. For first responders who have traveled only on Air Algerie and Tunisair, “ These two companies are similar ,

, They are both mediocre, Tunisair is cheaper so it doesn’t seem to be a scam. I’ve never flown with RAM, so I can’t judge. », he wrote in his response.

For the second speaker, the comparison depends on the aspect addressed. For example, he believes that the Algerian company Air Algerie ” It is very bad in terms of after sales service ,

“I have had only good experiences with Air Algerie”

According to him, if a passenger faces any issue, for example a canceled or delayed flight, he or she will have to wait at least a year to get a response. In terms of catering, he found that the food of this company ” It was better, but not anymore ,

In addition to negative feedback, other speakers also reported more or less pleasant experiences on the three companies’ aircraft. , I don’t know why everyone criticizes air algeriaI’ve had nothing but good experiences with them », indicates one of them.

One passenger also claims to have had a very positive experience with Royal Air Maroc, and insists that Air Algerie “ has become civilized recently “. However, he says he has seen a lot of negative reactions to Tunisair.

Speaking as a travel agent, another internet user points out that Royal Air Maroc is the best partner, offering greater ease of reimbursement in case of flight delay or cancellation. , Air Algerie and Tunisair are terrible “, according to him.

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