Online reservation with Algerian Ferries: Confused customers testify

Book online with Algerian Ferries: Confused customers testify

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Since it started sales for the summer season of 2024, Algeria Ferries Are overwhelmed with various requests from their customers who are unhappy or confused by problems with the online reservation site.

Apart from those who want to book its site and its physical agenciesThere are also people who try to send them their complaints or who simply try to make changes to their reservation.

Modify your Algeria ferry ticket online: mission impossible for this customer

On social networks, a customer indicates that he asked, via email, the Algerian shipping company to modify the return date on his ticket. Algerie Ferries replied to him again by email and said that he should do so “Contact nearest agencies”,

The passenger then went to an agency, but, to his surprise, Algerie Ferries staff told him that he could not change his travel date on his ticket and that he must do so. “Go to reservation site” to do. So let’s go back to the starting point for this unfortunate customer. “It’s a strange trouble with Algerian ferries! ,Frustrates the traveler who can’t change his return date.

Algerie Ferries’ new reservation platform has drawn much criticism from the company’s customers, who have complained of several malfunctions, in particular the impossibility of modifying their tickets after confirmation.

She pays for her ticket and doesn’t get a ticket: Algeria ferry derails

“I don’t know what to do or who to contact”points out, for his part, another customer who admits that he did not receive his ticket, even though he actually paid for it.

“I didn’t receive my ticket via email and yet I have proof of payment… They asked me to send a complaint email, I did, but I haven’t received a response for two weeks.”Describing this Algeria Ferries customer, he said he tried to make a claim with the Oran agency but they told him they were out of control, and advising him “to send an email”,

In the comments, many Internet users assure that they found themselves in the same situation. “Everyone who pays online has practically the same problem… Agency employees are coy and say they can only help those who booked on the site”We read on one of the comments.

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