Only rich people don’t travel

Houari Boumediene International Airport is the largest in Algeria. Entered service in April 2019, the new terminal is modern and many services and businesses are offered: cafeteria, restaurant, car rental, etc. Services are available for departure and arrival.

Although everyone finds Algiers Airport modern and clean, users often complain about high prices Products and services offered.

also raised this issue new ceo Mokhtar Mediuni of SGSIA was the first to assure that an agreement has been reached with traders regarding the reduction of the rent of the premises in exchange for the reduction of prices of products offered to passengers.

The boss of Algiers airport then revealed that the agreement has started to yield positive results, as some airport cafeterias have reduced the prices of some products such as water and coffee.

He also admitted that there was leftover food, he said. very expensive “. To solve this problem, he then announced that new pizzerias and fast food restaurants would soon open at the airport and offer more reasonable prices, which would inspire other businessmen to do the same.

Catering Value: L’Epoise « greet » Initiative of the CEO of Algiers Airport

In an interview with the media DZ News, Mustafa Zebdi, president of the Algerian Organization for Consumer Protection and Orientation and its Environment (APOSE), said welcomed the initiative announced by the new CEO of Algiers Airport, maintaining that his union had received “numerous complaints” regarding high prices.

“Opening stores that offer fair prices is a positive initiative “, he speculated, specifying that prices “ imposed » are at the international airport ” Causeless ” And “Far out of everyone’s reach”.

“It’s not because we go to the international airport, it doesn’t mean that we are necessarily some rich and economically well-off person “, Mr. Zebdi explains, adding that some users travel to receive treatment or study abroad.

The president of Apos condemned the fact that the price of some products at the airport ” many times » out their prices, which makes him ” price » Initiatives of the new CEO of the airport « until we reach a fair price ,

Mr. Zebdi indicates that he does not expect traders to “adopt” him at Algiers airport. Prices within everyone’s reach “, but at least, ” Prices that match the rents they pay and the preparations they offer ,

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