Opening of Balmoral, new tours of Buckingham… How the British Royal Family benefits from tourism

Between the royal residences worth seeing and the properties to rent, Windsor has become a leading tourist player in the United Kingdom over the years.

It would be an exaggeration to say that the British royal family has a major contribution to the economy. United Kingdom, The latter can bring profits of up to several hundred million pounds each year. according to the magazine forbesThe Windsors are estimated to be worth 19 billion pounds sterling (about 22 billion euros). And without a doubt, this positive trade balance contributes greatly to the business of King Charles III, who has decided to open the properties of the British Crown a little more to the general public.

From now on, visitors will be able to discover new rooms at Buckingham Palace in London this summer. Another event with a great first: the opening of Balmoral Castle in Scotland. it Queen Elizabeth II’s asylum Till now it was closed to the general public. Its upcoming inauguration has excited some fans of the royal family and caused controversy in the process. Compilation.

Discover the hidden rooms of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace unveiled a new wing for the general public.
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In 1993, Queen Elizabeth II resigned herself to opening Buckingham Palace to the public in order to pay for the renovation of Windsor Castle, which was the victim of a devastating fire in 1992. After 31 years, this official residence of the royal family will unveil new parts. More precisely, the east wing, built between 1847 and 1849 to accommodate Queen Victoria’s large family, will be accessible to the public for the first time during a guided tour in July and August. The opening follows more than five years of work as part of a £369 million (430 million euro) renovation programme.

The ticket will grant access to a room adjacent to the main corridor and balcony overlooking the famous “Mall”, where the public gathers on special occasions. But be careful, there is no question of visitors greeting the crowd from the balcony. In terms of prices you will have to put your hand in your pocket. Count on £75 (87 euros) for a guided tour in the East Wing. Reservations will be open from April 10 for a limited number of daily trips, between July 15 and August 31.

Grand opening of Balmoral to the public

Balmoral Castle opens to the public for the first time.
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Elizabeth II’s favorite palace has always been closed to the public until now. His disappearance in September 2022 turns a new page. Between July 1 and August 4, just before King Charles III and Queen Camilla arrive for their summer break, visitors will have access to parts of the Scottish estate for the first time. And the price of tickets created an uproar. 40 entries will be sold each day, and if you decide to take the optional “afternoon tea”, tickets will cost 100 pounds (117 euros) or 150 pounds (175 euros).

Previously, tours were limited to the garden and ballroom only. Now, they include a guide who will introduce the lucky ones through the mysterious corridors and rooms of the royal residence. And the high price apparently didn’t scare you off. Barely 24 hours after the inauguration was announced, the palace site was already packed with visitors.

Many royal residences are open to the public

Windsor Castle is one of the most visited palaces of the British royal family.
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Apart from these two palaces, it is also possible to visit hereOther properties of the British Royal FamilyStarting from Windsor Castle, 1.5 million people visit every year. With an adult entrance ticket costing 30 pounds (35 euros), the palace is always full and has long been one of the royal family’s most profitable properties. In Scotland, another property, less known to the general public, is also accessible: the Palace of Holyroodhouse, which is also one of the official residences of the British Crown. Allow 20 pounds (about 23 euros) for an adult ticket to gain entry.

Properties… to rent on Airbnb

This is one of the many wonders of the British Royal Family. The latter, a good asset manager, also keeps it Rental properties on Airbnb, This is particularly the case at Garden House, the former home of Elizabeth II’s chief gardener. The latter is located on the Sandringham Estate, one of the Windsors’ favorite residences in Norfolk County. For those lucky ones who get the opportunity to stay there for a few nights, you’ll still have to dig into your pocket: 372 pounds per night, or more than 430 euros. And to stay for at least three nights.

The royal family also rented out some of the outbuildings of their Scottish palace balmoral, Also in Scotland, May Castle, purchased by the Queen Mother in 1952, can accommodate overnight visitors. In Romania, more precisely in Transylvania, King Charles III also owns a guest house, whose rooms he rents out. Prices vary between 100 euros and more than 330 euros for the cheapest.

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