Payment must be made in dirhams once a month

Ryanair in Morocco: authorities' ultimatum to the low-cost airline

Ryanair / Rabias – VVA – for visas and travel

Ryanair launches in Morocco Definitely not easy. If locals can now take advantage of the Irish company’s cheap tickets, their joy is overshadowed by the manner of the transaction: at the moment, Ryanair flights are actually only available in euros.

But the Ministry of Transport and Logistics is keeping a close watch. Quoted by the Telquel site, The ministry indicated in an official press release that it had given Ryanair an ultimatum to turn things around.

Ryanair has a month, not even a day more!

Ryanair has received authorization “To operate its domestic flights exceptionally for a period of one month (from March 31) while waiting for the company to comply with its obligations”, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics said. So the Irish company has until the end of April to allow users to pay for their flights in dirhams instead of euros.

However, this thorny problem is on its way to being resolved soon. The Ministry of Transport and Logistics ensures that “Ryanair and its teams are actively working to resolve the issue with the transaction of tourism resources.”

Ryanair operates in 9 airports in Morocco

Since the beginning of April, Ryanair aircraft have been operating at 9 Moroccan airports for domestic flights. The Irish company now offers 11 connections between several Moroccan cities, such as Tangier-Essaouira, Oudja-Marrakesh and Fez-Agadir.

The Ministry of Tourism assured that it does not aim to dominate Royal Air Maroc. According to the ministry, foreign companies like Ryanair are actually meant to offer complementary offers.

Thus, Morocco hopes to further boost domestic tourism. The state wants to maximize its air capabilities in anticipation of the 2030 World Cup, but also Cannes 2025 which promises a massive arrival of foreign visitors.

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