PFAS, minimum prices, agricultural orientation laws… how the Greens and the left are giving the majority a hard time

Deputy (ecologist) of Dordogne Sebastien Petavi at the National Assembly in Paris on April 4, 2024.

Leftists and ecologists dare to speak in the National Assembly ” Victory “ the last days. Double victory for environmentalist delegates, who on Thursday 4 April adopted a ban on “perpetual pollutants” (with an exemption for kitchen utensils, of course) and a reform of farmers’ remuneration.

Another “victory”, this time procedural, for “Ensure that Parliament is respected”, announced, on the morning of Tuesday 9 April, the president of La France Insoumise (LFI) group, Mathilde Panot. minutes ago, All the opposition were in favor of the arguments of the member for Val-de-Marneas a weakness and“disloyalty” Estimated Impact Study of the Draft Orientation Law “For agricultural sovereignty and the renewal of generations in agriculture”Presented before the Council of Ministers on 3 April.

The text, a campaign promise of Emmanuel Macron, is intended to provide operators with perspective. Reworked since January under pressure from the National Federation of Farmers Unions (FNSEA) to remove barriers affecting production, this was the subject of a mixed opinion of the State Council on 21 March, citing “Dangers of constitutionalism” Especially in the context of expediting litigation in appeals against projects like mega-basins.

The LFI group in the National Assembly, which considers certain provisions contrary to environmental law, successfully raised this argument to request that the text be referred to the Constitutional Council. The latter will have eight days to rule from a referral to the body by Prime Minister Gabriel Atal.

Meanwhile, the law, which was due to arrive at the Palace-Bourbon on May 13, has temporarily disappeared from the parliamentary calendar. A simple blow, a “non event” Even, we assure the Chairmanship of the National Assembly. In fact, the Constitutional Council would have to challenge the impact study – according to the Greens, an extremely rare occurrence – for this shock to yield concrete results. Agriculture Ministry responded by criticizing the opposition’s choice “In the face of anger, disruption and recession in the agricultural sector, everything will require speed and determination.”,

Government “reluctance”

Despite everything, this “non-event” closes the sequence in which responses to certain environmental issues and the agricultural crisis allowed the left opposition to make gains.

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