Portugal becomes the eighth country to adopt Nutri-Score

Subject to unfavorable conditions at the European level, the Nutri-Score logo is getting colored again. On Friday April 5, Portugal joined the list of countries that have officially adopted this nutritional labeling, which lets you visualize the composition of foods using grades from A to E and a color scale from green to red. Allows to do. Eight states now recognize this labeling as a public health tool and deploy it, on a voluntary basis from manufacturers, on products marketed in their territory: seven European countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg , Netherlands and Portugal), as well as Switzerland.

The expansion of this labeling in Portugal was confirmed by a publication Journal of the RepublicEqual to government newspaper, The government justifies it as a preventive measure against diet-related chronic diseases (type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.). “Nutri-Score presents an adequate level of scientific robustness, especially since the update of its algorithm in 2023, it has been implemented in a wide range of EU countries and is already used by many economic operators. Is. (…), justifies the Portuguese executive. As a result, it is positioned as the simplified nutrition labeling system with the best conditions for adoption in Portugal. ,

The measure was approved on March 22 by the previous government led by socialist Margarida Fernandez Tavares, former secretary of state for health promotion, before she handed over the baton. new conservative governmentWho assumed office on 2 April.

The Directorate General of Health has four months to define the exact terms of performance. In Portugal, the first ideas on the interest of this traffic light came from 2017, when a study conducted by the National Program to Promote Healthy Eating showed that about 40% of Portuguese had difficulty interpreting a label. Most parties then supported the measure, some even calling for a symbol to be added to warn of foods that increase cancer risk.

fight excess weight

In 2021, following the COVID-19 pandemic, the consumer defense association Deco Protest brought the issue to the fore again in an open letter to the government by demanding the implementation of a Nutri-Score logo to help Portuguese people fight excess. overweight, which affects approximately 6 out of 10.5 million inhabitants, and diabetes (estimated at one million cases).

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