Prices are exploding at low cost

Flights between France and Algeria for Eid 2024: Exploding prices at low prices

A plane in mid-flight / by Jag_Sees / Adobe Stock for VVA – Visas and Trips

For Muslims, sweet eid Provides an opportunity to strengthen family ties. Every year, Algerians abroad, especially from France, often visit Bled, taking advantage of this religious festival.

However, the prices of air tickets are high for Eid al-Fitr this year air algeriaDespite the 50% cut announced by the national airline.

Air Algerie is completely unavailable for its Paris-Algiers and Marseille-Algiers tickets for this Eid period, prompting passengers to buy their tickets elsewhere, especially from low-cost airlines.

Eid ticket prices: Even low-cost tickets display exorbitant prices

But this strong demand for air tickets between France and Algeria during this Eid period has also led to an increase in prices among low-cost companies, which are now displaying exorbitant prices, causing more Algerians to fly to France than one another. You may be discouraged from spending Eid. ,

Indeed, at Vueling, a Marseille-Algiers return ticket (8-15 April) costs €480, while a ticket for the dates of 9-14 April is listed by the company as €403, including hand luggage only. Have the right. seat.

At Transavia, a Paris-Algiers ticket (9-14 April) with hand luggage only costs €564. On the Volotia side, prices are not low. Actually, the company has priced the Bordeaux-Algiers flight at €350.

Finally, with the French low-cost airline, ASL Airlines, the price of a Paris-Algiers return flight (9-14 April) reached €723, although with the right to one piece of luggage weighing 23 kg.

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