Prices shock internet users

KFC Algeria restaurant: prices shocked Internet users

A KFC meal / Photo by_Gonzo / Adobe Stock for VVA – Visas and Travels

Opening of the first restaurant KFC in Algeria Attracted crowds of curious people and a considerable amount of criticism.

It is the first American restaurant chain to be established in Algeria, which has not failed to generate great interest among fast food lovers.

On the day of the inauguration of the KFC restaurant in the Bois des Cars in Deli Brahim, located at the height of the capital Algiers, many people came not only to taste the brand’s fried chicken, but also to get an idea of ​​the prices. That’ she’s practicing.

KFC Algeria: packages up to 5,000 dinars

In a video posted on his TikTok channel, one of the customers who went there revealed some of the prices of the KFC Algeria sandwich and formula. He insists that it can go” up to 5,000 dinars »For some sources.

Indeed, KFC in Algiers offers a bucket of 8 pieces of chicken, spicy, original or mixed, with fries and lemonade, for 3,600 dinars and a bucket of 12 pieces for 4,900 dinars, including all accompaniments, perhaps we can see in this video Let’s see.

, At these prices you can eat 3 times more food clef kfc And you’ll find that it’s better », says one user sarcastically in a comment on the video.

, It’s not very expensive, in any case, it’s better than Paris ”, we read on another comment. However, another Internet user has a completely different opinion, he assures that a Boxmaster in KFC in France costs only €10, or about 2,500 dinars.

on site, we can see that 10 pieces of chicken tenders at KFC France cost more than €17, or about 4,000 dinars. The same price is offered for 10 pieces of fried chicken wings.

KFC Algiers: ” It tastes like barbecue chips ,

In other videosA KFC customer in Algiers showed that he left the restaurant with an order of 4 pieces of mixed chicken, a large tray of fries and a drink, paying 1,600 dinars for all. When he tasted it, he admitted that he expected better.

He first tried the fries, but quickly became disappointed after finding them not crunchy. He would promptly leave them to focus on the American brand of fried chicken. Unfortunately, there’s no better way to win than that.

, It’s neither bad nor very good…normal “, he compared the taste to spicy chicken.” Barbecue Chips “Whereas he thought it was chicken without spices” no special taste ,

As for prices, he describes them as ” General , It is not very expensive and affordable for everyone. “, he insisted.

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