Quebec Farms Open Day

Since 2003, many farms have opened their doors and invited the public to visit. A day when the townspeople visit the people who feed them; A day to learn more about agriculture and the various agricultural products of our region.

Open Doors on Quebec Farms was launched in 2003 with a plan to promote agriculture and the agricultural profession. Building on their success from the first year, they soon became a central element in the scheme’s awareness and information activities among the general public. The concept was simple: welcoming many farms throughout Quebec, the population was eager to better understand where their food comes from. This annual meeting will present the daily life and working environment of agricultural producers as well as their farming and breeding practices. Over the years, a solid dialogue with the population has developed thanks to this unique event.

From the first edition of Open Doors, the future of this free program was already promising, whose popularity continues two decades later! More than 200 farms then welcomed 90,000 visitors. A great agricultural festival About 15,000 people also attended a parallel event at the Maison de l’UPA in Longueuil.

Major agricultural festival at the Esplanade of the Olympic Park in Montreal, 2019.  Photo: UPA Archives
Major agricultural festival at the Esplanade of the Olympic Park in Montreal, 2019. Photo: UPA Archives

Great Agricultural Festival

From 2011 to 2015, great agricultural festival The Open House was held in the Parc Jean-Drapeau, then, from 2016 to 2019, in the Esplanade of Montreal’s Olympic Park. Since this date, this component has not been organized, as we focus on farm visits to raise awareness among the population about local agriculture. Everything is complemented by other UPA initiatives Allowing contact with agricultural reality: App let’s eat local and video games CasskrautFor example.

Since then, during this day, welcomed proudly and warmly by the owners of the farms themselves, supported by their families and friends, the population enjoys privileged access to places that are usually inaccessible to them. She discovers the whole world of local food production during educational workshops and awakens her taste buds to local flavors in many ways, in addition to seeing a large number of farm animals up close. A perfect day to develop closer relationships with those who cherish it!

Shopping local, environmentally friendly farming practices and animal welfare are among the public’s concerns. Open Doors helps answer these questions. This is a unique opportunity to correct some of the perceptions and dispel myths related to agriculture by presenting facts straight from the source.

If Open Doors has achieved such great notoriety over the years, it is due to the great generosity and originality shown by the participating families by willingly sharing their passion and their knowledge.

UPA Archives

Open Houses had to be canceled during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 to respect health measures. No problem, UPA took advantage of this break to develop the application let’s eat local, a digital tool that allows urban residents to meet with agricultural businesses and receive supplies straight from the farm… while waiting for open days to return! Taking root in a new form under the auspices of the movement, these return to the calendar in 2022 Let’s eat more local than ever! We then offered open summer activities throughout the province.

In 2023, the original Open Doors format returned and welcomed approximately 36,000 people across the 53 participating farms, bringing the number of people who have taken advantage of Open Days since its first edition to approximately 2.6 million.

Marie-Eve Janvier and Marcel Groleau.  Photo: UPA Archives
Marie-Eve Janvier and Marcel Groleau. Photo: UPA Archives

an ideal spokesperson

In 2012, the UPA invited Marie-Eve Xavier to become a spokesperson for Open Doors. Love falls at first sight; Not only did she remain loyal to the organization for all subsequent editions of the event, but she also, over the years, became a de facto ambassador for the entire Quebec agricultural sector. In addition to participating in various events, she presents our diverse content such as video games to the general public CasskrautMovement and Application Let’s eat more local than ever.

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