Real estate agencies focus on returning buyers

Buyers want to re-project themselves. And the number of property consultations or requests sent to agencies is increasing.

Spring in real estate is well and truly here. The decline in real estate rates was sharper than expected and agencies are (finally) seeing the return of buyers. one in Previous article, we told you that three or four months ago, borrowers could get rates of 4.5% or even 4.9% over 20 years. In April, broker Kafi told us that for the best borrower profile he could get 3.44% over 20 years, even if rates were higher, around 3.7% or 3.8%.

Real estate helping hand: Real estate, tours are resuming and consultations are on the rise - 04/13
Real estate helping hand: Real estate, tours are resuming and consultations are on the rise – 04/13

Additionally, in most major cities in France, prices have been on a downward trend since the beginning of the year, as shown in our Bien’ici Barometer – BFM Business, Even though the impact of the increase in prices is beginning to be felt.

The number of consultations for goods for sale is increasing

It didn’t take long for the French to start turning to classified ads again. Century 21 notes, in fact, that buyers are looking to re-project themselves. Thus, the number of consultations of goods for sale, requests sent to agencies, alerts created as part of the acquisition project have increased by 22.5%, 21.5% and 10% respectively compared to the first quarter 2023.

“Indicators show that the appetite of the French for real estate is returning, that the first steps within the framework of a project are being taken again,” specifies the network.

Antoine Busquet, agency director of ERA Immobilier Paris Batignolles, explains on bfmtv That “buyers negotiate very little”. For his part, Mael Bernier, spokesperson for Myleurtox, said, “There has been a 30% increase in real estate loan applications compared to the fall. We are seeing buyers returning who say the situation has changed a bit and Those who have real estate projects lined up for the coming months.

And according to HomeLoop President Vanessa Benedick, buyers are taking their time deciding whether to make a purchase.

“Buyers are visiting real estate twice as often before finalizing their purchase as they did 12 months ago, so, where, a year ago, they would have had to make three visits to find their new home, they are now making, on average, Doing it six times.”

And be wary of a property that is not perfect or has flaws in the buyer’s eyes: “He will be the victim of price negotiation, which can sometimes be around 10% depending on the property and its geographical location,” says Vanessa Benedick. .

Good recovery since March

On TF1, real estate agent Guy Hocquet said he made as many trips in the first ten days of April as he did in the entire month of February. But franceinfoThe director of the Century 21 agency testifies: “Things are moving forward at all levels. Clients who want to sell are again starting to ask for estimates and handing over mandates to us and buyers are coming back.”

And she adds: “A kind of confidence has been restored. We are in great demand to speculate, view and sell. This has resumed throughout the month of March, April promises to be the same “

Be careful though, the withdrawal from buyers does not mean a complete change in the balance of power. Century 21 reminds that the French are “against the principle of reality, a reality that still links generalized inflation to shortening their remaining lives and high credit rates to reducing their real estate purchasing power”. Although the prices have fallen, they have not yet fallen. And they are already starting to rise again. So real estate purchasing power still remains lower than it was one and a half years ago.

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