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Next week, the 2024 tax return campaign begins on April 11. This month is also full of news that may impact families’ personal finances.

+4.6% for many services

1er April is the date of the annual revaluation of several benefits based on inflation – Active Solidarity Income (RSA), Activity Bonus, Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH), Family Allowances, Free Choice of Childcare Supplement, Disability Pension, Work Accident-Occupational Disease Pension, etc. Rate this year: 4.6%.

In practice Articles are reserved for our customers What will be the increase in pension, minimum wage, APL, RSA or family allowance in 2024?

Egirk-Arko fines for 700,000 retirees have disappeared

A temporary supplementary pension penalty of 5% or 10% was imposed in Agirc-Arrco For employees who meet full rate conditions in 2019 and refuse to defer their retirement by at least one year. Removed in December 2023 for new retireesThis is also from this 1er April 2024 for those retirees who have implemented this system (those who retired between January 2019 and November 2023).

Depending on the scheme, around 700,000 people are affected by an average AGIRK-ARKO pension benefit of 60 euros per month. There is no action to take. On the other hand, “Retirees who receive raises (temporary bonus) “Will continue to collect it as per the initial schedule.”, Agirc-Arrco specifies,

Evictions, power cuts: Winter vacations are over

Winter vacations ended on 31 March. So rental evictions can start again, Tenants and owners facing unpaid rent can use the toll-free number SOS unpaid rent0805 160 075.

The second effect is that there is no longer a moratorium on electricity and gas cuts. However, from April 2023, the rules applying in situations of unpaid electricity outside the ceasefire have evolved: “Beneficiaries of Energy Check Or housing solidarity funds equipped with smart electricity meters can no longer be deducted directly (…). The power cut up to 1 KVA should be for at least 60 days before cut-off or termination.Indicates national energy broker,

Some suppliers have waived deductions for unpaid bills for almost the entire year. Thus EDF replaced them, From April 2022, by power limits, for homes that are equipped with a Communication Linky meter or whose meter is accessible to an Enedis technician. The same applies for Octopus Energy France (formerly Plum Energy).

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