Ryanair continues to be criticized in Morocco: divisive prices

Ryanair continues to be criticized in Morocco: divisive prices

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Ryanair production continues controversy in morocco, Despite negative opinions and numerous complaints from passengers, the Irish low-cost airline, which now operates domestic flights in the kingdom, appears to be ignoring the demands of the Moroccan authorities.

Ryanair’s deployment to Morocco, announced with great fanfare, has drawn strong criticism from passengers and officials alike. In addition to the prices of air tickets considered high, they also condemn the obligation to pay in euros instead of Moroccan dirhams.

, First flights in April 2024 see high demand ,

However, the Transport Ministry has already asked the company to follow Morocco’s market principle: tickets for domestic flights must be paid for in local currency. But Ryanair customers are still forced to book their flights in foreign currency.

The matter has now taken a political turn. In the Moroccan parliament, the Harki Group met with Transport Minister Mohamed Abdeljalil to protect passengers’ rights and to deliver orders to Irish at lower costs, the news site reports. bladey Friday 12th April.

, Ryanair’s first flights in April 2024 see strong demand from passengers », the chairman of the parliamentary group immediately noted. However, he believes passengers are unhappy with the way they pay for tickets.

Many passengers consider the method of payment imposed by the company for the purchase of tickets, namely payment in foreign currency through international bank cards, ” like a betrayal on his part ,

Moroccan government called on to protect the rights of Ryanair passengers

After making observations on this topic, guardianship ” On March 29, 2024, the company was reminded of its commitments and ordered to complete them as soon as possible. », the Transport Ministry indicated in a press release.

The Transport Department also remembers that it has given permission Ryanair To operate its domestic flights to Morocco exceptionally for a period of one month from 31 March, while awaiting compliance with its obligations.

However, the Parliamentary Group confirms that Low Cost has still not respected its commitments, especially with regard to the method of payment for plane tickets on the domestic network.

To support his comment, he specifies that the tickets offered on the company’s website for the month of April and even for the summer season are displayed in currency and not in dirhams.

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