She suddenly visits her family, her video goes viral

Travel: An Algerian woman from France suddenly arrives to meet her family, her video goes viral

Tlemcen – Algeria / by Robnau / Adobe Stock for VVA – Visa & Travel

For Algerians abroad, return to rural areas There is always something extraordinary happening. Some of them make their visit with their loved ones even more extraordinary by surprising them.

Returning to Bled, especially during certain occasions when families come together, such as Ramadan or the Eid festival, is a dream that never leaves the minds of Algerians living abroad.

To mark her return to her family in Algeria for Eid al-Fitr, Nasima, an Algerian from France and successful influencer on social networks, chose the effect of surprise. The vlog of his journey quickly went viral on TikTok.

“On the occasion of Eid, I decided to surprise my grandmother.”

Without notifying his family in Algeria of his arrival, he conducted his journey in complete secrecy, until arriving in front of his grandparents’ house.

, On the occasion of Eid, I decided to surprise my grandmother and celebrate it with her in Algeria this year », she says in the caption of her video published on the same day of Eid.

After traveling from France to Algiers airport by boarding a flight Transavia He took the road to the wilaya of Ain Defla, in the north of Algeria and 140 km southwest of Algiers.

Accompanied by her three children, she films herself ringing the doorbell of her grandmother, who is unaware of the visit. The woman opens the door, but cannot understand what is happening at that time.

After a while, she realized the situation and immediately jumped into the arms of her granddaughter and great-grandson in an emotional scene.

There sequence It has been viewed over 640,000 times since it was posted and received over 30,000 interactions. In the comments, many Internet users, especially those of the millions of followers who follow Nassima, were surprised to learn about her Algerian origins.

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