Strasbourg and Oberhausen in the time of Gutenberg with the Storia Mundi

On April 23, Strasbourg will become the World Book Capital. Alsatian start-up Storia Mundi intends not to miss the boat and will offer you a conference bicycle on the Upper Rhine between 1450 and 1550.

Strasbourg will soon become the world book capital. And the history of the city is linked to the development of books and printing. It’s not me, says Storia Mundi. An idea that germinated in the minds of Charles Truchet and Laurent Lanfranchi, director of the cultural travel agency Terra Nobilis, during imprisonment. They offered video conferencing to their customers who were frustrated about not being able to travel, and it worked. Storia Mundi offers you history, art history and anthropology conferences throughout the year. Their 124 French and German speakers, all experts in their field, provide you with rich, exclusive content. Some conferences are available free of charge, more than 800 in French and German. All conference replays are accessible when you are a subscriber. And every day of the week, there is a new conference (ie 5/week). For the world book capital, Strasbourg, Storia Mundi is offering from 17 April a conference cycle on the topic: “Strasbourg and Oberhausen in the time of Gutenberg: 1450 – 1550”, approximately two conferences per month.

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