Stray dogs at Algiers airport? Is this video going viral on TikTok real?

Stray dogs at Algiers airport?  Is this video going viral on TikTok real?

Suitcase at the airport / by aanbetta / / for VVA – Visa and Travel

This scene is currently circulating on TikTok, where we see a pack of stray dogs running after a plane on an airstrip, did this really happen Algiers Airport, as the author of the publication claims? What it really is.

The author of the publication that went viral on TikTok claims that the scene took place at Algiers airport. , This happened at Algiers airport. as soon as you LandedYou will be welcomed by dogs “, we read in the caption of the video.

No, this video was not filmed at Algiers airport

Video filmed from a moving vehicle actually shows a pack of stray dogs running at full speed around the planes on the ground, chasing the vehicles onto the landing strip.

This footage was reportedly filmed at the airport recently Algeria, quickly went viral on TikTok, garnering over 850,000 views in just 24 hours. However, it is clear that this is fake news.

This video of a few seconds has actually been filmed at the airfield of Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. The aircraft shown in the image belong to the Iraqi national airline, Iraq Airways.

Additionally, several media outlets reported the video in question, claiming that it was actually filmed on one of the landing strips at Baghdad Airport. In addition, the Iraqi Ministry of Transport also reacted to this.

Iraqi Transport Ministry reacts to Baghdad airport video

In a press release made public this Monday, April 15, it was cited al Jazeera The supervisory authority wanted to clarify that this is an old incident, which dates back to the year 2022. The purpose of republishing this quote is to undermine the development of Iraqi airports and Baghdad Airport in particular », says a spokesperson for the ministry.

As for the video that claims the incident took place at Algiers airport, it is still online at the time of writing, despite the fact that it is completely false.

By scrolling to its author’s profile, replying to the nickname ” el pharisee advice “, We see that it is one of these Moroccan accounts whose aim is to harm everything Algerian, even by sharing fake news.

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