Surprised by the wind, this Airbus 321 misses its landing in Madeira

Surprised by the wind, this Airbus 321 misses its landing in Madeira (video)

A plane is landing. Image by Branislav Milik |

Rejected landing is a procedure initiated by pilots when final approach represents a risk to the aircraft. at Funchal Airport MadeiraThese spectacular maneuvers are common due to the wind.

When landing in an upwind direction, airline pilots steer their planes against the direction of the wind to avoid being pushed off the runway path. This technique is called crab landing,

Landing in Madeira: impressive tour of the Airbus A321

But in some cases, the wind flows like shear, causing sudden changes in strength and direction. Therefore the pilot cannot determine wind direction, making crab landings useless or even dangerous.

This Airbus A321 of the Portuguese airline, Azores Airlines, encountered both tailwinds, on final approach for landing in Madeira, thus forcing the pilot to play the caution card by turning around again.

On final approach, just a few cables off the ground, the plane goes into crab position, as we can see in this video posted on YouTube on April 12. But the gusts suddenly change direction and push the plane to the other side.

Realizing the impossibility of landing safely under such conditions, the captain immediately aborted the landing and went around dramatically.

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