Sweden wants to attract more foreign students

Europe: This Schengen country wants to attract more foreign students

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While some European countries like Germany turn a blind eye to foreign workers, it is students who are interested in Sweden. SchengenVisaInfo reports that the Swedish government is considering new measures to make the country more attractive to foreign researchers and students.

The number of doctoral students in Sweden has declined

Sweden, member country of space schengen, is famous for being a country of research and innovation. Thus, it has always been a favorite destination for foreign researchers and students. And yet, if the latest statistics are to be believed, their numbers have been gradually declining in recent years.

Indeed, according to Statista data, the number of doctoral students in Sweden has declined by 5.14% over ten years. In 2013, the country of innovation recorded 19,611 doctoral students in its field. However, this figure drops to 17,450 in 2022, representing more than 2,000 fewer students.

Had to face it” Shortage Among talents, Sweden is set to review its rules regarding residence permits for studies. The government wants to create the best conditions to attract foreign researchers and students, but above all to encourage them to stay in the country.

New ways to make the country more attractive

SchengenVisaInfo reports that an exploratory study is responsible for looking at new measures related to this famous revision of the rules surrounding residence permits. The investigator’s mission is also to find the best way to deal with the abuses associated with these permits.

Indeed, even though Sweden wants to attract more foreign talent, it still wants to ensure that residence permits are not abused. As Migration Minister Maria Malmmar Stengaard explains:

“This mission is an important step in efforts to facilitate and improve conditions for foreign doctoral students and researchers in Sweden. It is also important that study residence permits are only granted to those who intend to study in Sweden, and not to those who intend to use the system for other purposes. ,

In a joint press release, the Justice and Education Ministries said that by attracting more foreign talent, Sweden will be able to strengthen its reputation. Europe’s most innovative country “. Indeed, as Education Minister Mats Persson points out, once they graduate from Swedish universities, these foreign students represent a valuable resource of talent and innovative ideas. Exactly what the country needs.

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