Temperatures, prices…is it a good idea?

The Sherifian Kingdom can be an ideal summer destination, provided you choose your destination and activities carefully.

Choose a destination in Southern Europe between scorching heat waves and tourist crowds summer holidays is anything but obvious, and morocco The extraordinary heat wave that the North experienced in 2023, with wildfires, is no exception to the rule. Especially since summer is also a high season period (25% of border arrivals per year), especially for French travelers. This is demonstrated by the statistics of Misterfly, who knows “Two Peaks of Annual Departure” With 16% of annual airline ticket sales in July 2023 and 13% in August, explains Frédéric Pillaud, marketing and e-commerce director of the online travel agency.

but if spring And while autumn remains the ideal season to discover the Cherifian Kingdom, summer also reserves its share of (good) surprises. As long as you choose your destination carefully! Here’s how you can enjoy the Moroccan summer as per your wishes.

if you like traveling

Unless you can tolerate the hot climate well, you should avoid going into the Sahara dunes during the summer months and even at the end of spring: French experts in walking recommend between the end of April and The desert circuit has also been suspended between October.

On the other hand, with mild temperatures at high altitude, the Atlas may be suitable for summer treks, but you should preferably aim for the peaks of the High Atlas, including the ascent of Toubkal (4167 m), or, less frequently, the Atlas Oriental. Is. The Imlilchil or Central Atlas region with beautiful climbs around M’Goun (4071 m), which also includes a spectacular aquatic course in the valleys if climatic conditions permit (impractical in case of floods or storms).

If you like cities and heritage

In the city, rising mercury may discourage travelers phase, where the medina built in the basin often becomes stifling in summer. This is far from being the case Marrakesh The success of which cannot be denied even in the peak period of summer, when the temperature is at its peak due to the semi-desert climate. “About fifteen years ago, establishments used to be completely closed in the summer. It’s been a very busy season!”Mustafa Amalik, Secretary General of the Regional Association of the Hotel Industry of Marrakesh Safi (ARIH), highlighted the strong contribution of MREs (Moroccans living abroad) to this dynamism.

While the retreats on the Moroccan coast are full of Fifteen Club hotels, the dry heat is more bearable in a garden near the swimming pool. Club Med La Palmeraie thus experienced a peak occupancy rate of 94% in August 2023, compared to an annual average of 87%. “Marrakech sells very well in summer”Ô says Voyage CEO Rauf Benslimane, for whom July and August represent 17% of Moroccan sales for the year. “The heat is not a hindrance, it is no hotter in Morocco than in Greece or Italy. ,

if you like the sea

With a coastline several kilometers long and a mild and sometimes windy climate, the Moroccan coast nevertheless remains a good choice, even if spikes last summer in Agadir frightened the thermometer, where fog often blocks out the sun. It bothers me!

On the Mediterranean coast, the sea is at a good temperature (up to 24°) which also attracts tourists in summer, the high season being very concentrated. On the Atlantic shore, where the water is cooler (maximum 18.5° to 22°), you also have to take into account the influx of swimmers, especially in August, except when the trade winds blow. Dakhla Or essaouira Ideal for enjoying the sea in complete peace and learning kitesurfing.

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